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Canada's Best Prices on ID Card Holders & Badge Holders

Conferences and other gatherings often require attendees to wear some sort of identification badge to access their events. The way that companies present their ID badges can make a significant difference in how and where attendees display their badges. It can also determine how others see your brand, company or event. The quality level of the ID holders and accessories that you choose can also communicate the level of professionalism that your company represents. There is a wide range of different types of holders and accessories for you to choose from. So it might be beneficial for you to contact a customer service representative that can help you determine what your best options are.

Why Providing Easy ID Display Solutions in Canada is Important

"Who are you again?", "Should you be in this area?" – With a world population of over 8 billion and Canadian residents accounting for over 30 million of them, you can perhaps be forgiven for not recognizing everyone you meet. But why would this affect ID badge holders, and what does it mean for our workspace and visited environments? The need for easy-to-view identification in multiple scenarios is prevalent, and fortunately, custom ID holders are here to help provide a solution.

Providing easy identification to those around you is about more than just adding a touch of professionalism to workplace accessories. The main reason these products are so popular is because they help reassure staff and visitors as well, as making it easier for any security on site to verify that the wearer is who they claim to be and have the right to be where they are. This is important for a variety of settings that we will take a closer look at below.

Who Uses ID Holders in Canada & Why?

So, who exactly does, or more importantly, could benefit from using lanyard card holders? Are there any professions that really spring to mind when we consider the potential perks for deciding to include badge holders as part of their everyday items? Read on to find out!

  • Medical Staff: From doctor's offices to full-sized hospitals, products like ID card holders are as familiar in these settings as items like stethoscopes – and with good reason. Identifying who has the authorization to access notes, surgical areas, and even visitors' bedsides is essential from a security standpoint and for both visitors, patients' and members of staff. No one wants to lose their identification and ID badge holders help keep important information more secure. When paired with a lanyard they also provide a hands-free way to display identification – great for anyone who needs to repeatedly pass through checkpoints or introduce themselves to a large volume of people throughout their busy day.
  • Office Workers: Long gone are the days when a business typically had only a couple of employees! With so many large-sized corporations out there, you are unlikely to even know every person in another department – let alone everyone who works in the building. Custom ID solutions available in Canada create a faster way to scan badges at checkpoints, show security authorization, and of course, validate your presence to other employees.
  • TSA Agents & Security: Identification for busy areas that see huge numbers of visitors extends to far more than just hospitals! Few places probably see more people passing through during the day than an airport, and with a large amount of people comes the need for a large amount of staff. Custom badge holders like our open face slide ID holder provide a convenient way to show to the public and other members of staff who might not be familiar with everyone on the premises exactly who belongs where. From checkpoint agents to baggage handlers, lanyard card holders create convenience that keeps hands-free and identification easy to read.
  • Outdoor Employees: From construction staff to park rangers, outdoor sites can be vast, and this unfortunately brings the potential for opportunists who should definitely not be where they are. Custom ID holders showcase who exactly has authorization to be examining that pile of expensive lumber and who should not be anywhere near that bear. It might sound extreme, but with outdoor workplaces offering a multitude of hazards for inexperienced visitors, staff and public ID solutions can be crucial.
  • School Environments: When it comes to schools, safety for students and staff is the most important thing and something that manifests itself in everything from everyday interactions to specifically designed protocols. Lanyard card holders help identify visitors from staff and from unwanted interlopers and make verifying or challenging someone's presence in the building easier to accomplish. These useful items also help show students who exactly is who – and are popular items for teachers, assistants and even administrative roles that they may not encounter in person as frequently.
  • Leisure Centre Staff & Gyms: Without getting too personal...some places can attract unwanted visitors and attention more than others. Identification of staff at gyms and activity centres with card holders helps provide a great method of displaying who is a member of staff for visitors. This, like with many other places mentioned, can promote a sense of security and safety as well as give clients a quick way to spot a member of staff if there is an emergency or when in need of finding someone to trust.
  • Trade Show & Expo Identification for Staff & Visitors

    So now we have talked about how useful promotional badge holders are in everyday, repeat settings – what about one-off occasions? Is it worth creating card holders? When considering this, it's great to go back to basics and think, "What exactly is a tradeshow or conference?" Typically these involve a large amount of different people who may not know one another converging into one space. They may involve confidential information or sneak peeks at new product lines. Whatever the event, it seems like ensuring only the people who are invited are inside the venue is important, and ID holders provide a great, low-budget solution. Show who is a visitor, who has staff access and who is....just taking advantage of the free snacks provided. Create better security and help people identify who is who, something that is a great start for networking and creating connections. When we look at these benefits stacked against the low cost of lanyard card holders it's easy to see why they are not only important but popular for vendors and expos all across Canada. Best of all, you could create a return location for people to leave their holders in when your event is complete, ready for them to be used next time! Pretty awesome for budget-friendly items, right? Looking for a great trade show ID option that won't break the budget? Check out our slide mech card holder, it's simple to use and compatible with multiple lanyard clip configurations!

    Rush ID Options For Those in a Hurry!

    One of the best things about ID holders is that you don't have to brand them because the detailing goes on the card you will add. What does this mean for your business? It means you can create ID solutions available in Canada that are faster, more hassle-free (no artwork) and all-around easier to obtain for your needs. In an even bigger hurry for blank ID essentials? We also carry in-stock badge holders with 24-hour rush options available for speedy identification solutions ready for your event or workplace before you know it!

    Not in a hurry or looking for a little extra customization? We do that also with custom ID colour options, great for business themes and brand colours. Simply get in touch to find out more!

    Office? Business Conference? Promo Event? Find ID Card Holders Here!

    Whatever your occasion, we are ready to help! Choosing ID event accessories for repeat use or one-time get-togethers is something we identify ourselves as professionals in. From selecting the best type of ID display for your needs to answering questions like "Is horizontal or vertical better for ID displays?" our staff are waiting to help you find what you need. We all know that identification displays are unlikely to be the superstar of your company or show, so why make obtaining them difficult? Let's work together and free you up to focus on what matters and get these unsung but highly useful products into your hands and onto your wearers now!