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We can't be outdone when it comes to wholesale custom printed lanyards and ID accessories. With a massive production capability and a dedicated factory that will stop at nothing to produce your urgent order – we dare you to put us to the test. Our ID lanyards can help to secure an event or expo and they also serve as a promotional item or an excellent giveaway gift for clients and staff too. We won't be beaten on service with our free artwork design and 5 day rush options! Browse our lanyard styles below and just give us a call or email for further information and your personalized pricing!

Are Lanyards Popular in Canada?

Lanyards have been around and in use for a long time, and like anything long-term, an increase in styles, materials and design options has occurred over the passing years. Their customization helped these useful items find another foothold in popularity and has led to them becoming a staple for everyday ID solutions and convenience in Canada. It seems like custom lanyards are here to stay and you might be surprised to know that, although they might look like a humble, narrow strip of material – they pack a surprising amount of design scope.

From different colour options (including creating your own instead of stock!) to eco-friendly choices, hi-vis for extra safety or silicone options for easy cleaning solutions, the range of versatility is huge – and that's before you begin adding your customization! So yes, personalized and plain lanyards are popular in Canada and globally – and the creativity options combined with the practical nature of these products seems to demonstrate that lanyards are here to stay.

Is There Any Benefit to Creating Customized Lanyards?

When considering choosing lanyards in Canada, the first question that often occurs to the browser is; "Should I bother adding custom print to my product?" After all, lanyards for sale in stock offer a faster turnaround time and less hassle for ordering overall by skipping the design process. So, is it worth adding your personal touch, or is it just pure vanity? Let's look at some of the perks choosing customized lanyards can bring!

  • Easy Brand Visibility: Printed lanyards have one awesome benefit over their plain competitors, and that's their location. Lanyards are typically worn around the neck, giving your logo or company message an eye-level surface area for custom printing. Great for awareness and visibility without being obnoxious or oversaturating and a key reason so many businesses choose to add their custom touch to these products.
  • Repetitive & Long-Term Use: When creating lanyards with logos, you aren't just printing on any old surface. You are selecting a product that can be worn throughout the day for the entire working week. From corporate essentials to hospital staff lanyards, displaying important identification that is viewable at a glance or easily brought out on demand makes printed lanyards a handy accessory. With any work essential, there's also the potential for your message to be on display to the public and refreshed in the wearer's mind each day –and this is great news for brand awareness.
  • Adding a Personal Touch: Branded lanyards offer a way to customize workwear without a heavy price tag and a budget-friendly method of adding professional gloss to your image. You can also create fun and funky designs because lanyards don't have to be stuffy or sensible! This means lanyards could also be great for tongue-in-cheek giveaways that make a statement, swag at conferences or a way to get your message linked to your target audience's niche interests, like board games. Whatever your needs, going that extra distance to make something that works hard for your message, creates a personal connection, or adds a sophisticated and established finish to regular attire could be a smart business move.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Lanyards: Because Sustainability Is More Than a Trend!

When deciding which lanyards to buy, earth-friendly options seem to be everywhere, clamouring for your attention, but why are they popular? Eco options for lanyards offer more than a convenient item or location for your custom message. A nylon or polyester lanyard is great, but what about the bigger picture? What about the increasing public scrutiny of businesses' carbon footprints and waste practices? Sustainable lanyards offer a way for your company to demonstrate more than its commitment to quality custom printing. These items give your brand the window of opportunity to recreate itself as an environmentally conscious model or further establish your commitment to environmentalism. The original lanyards were likely made out of rough materials that wouldn't be a popular choice today – and this shows that even our everyday items are constantly evolving. Eco-lanyards could be the first step towards getting up to date with the rapidly shifting nature of the real and the promotional world as they evolve. Staying up to date and in touch matters, and greener promo items like lanyards made from recycled materials could be a great beginning.

Not sure where to start, but interested in greener marketing? Keep on reading to discover more details about these new products that could be the future of lanyards as we know them.

What Types of Eco-Friendly Materials Can Lanyards Be Made From?

So now we have covered some of the awesome benefits eco lanyard printing can bring – it's time to take a closer look at these handy items and talk about going green material options! When looking for lanyards in Canada, you probably don't have to search for long before words like "rPET" start popping up, but what do they mean? Below are some of the most popular material options for eco lanyards and a helpful definition of each!

  • Bamboo Lanyards: When it comes to eco-friendly material options, the demand for bamboo products seems to be growing faster than, well, bamboo! This sustainable and natural material is a popular choice for earth-friendly lanyard solutions and can be easily grown and reproduced. Bamboo, unlike plastics and nylons, is a biodegradable material, great for cutting down on wasteful promotional and ID essentials. Sustainable lanyards are a more recent arrival to the world of lanyards but are taking it by storm, so don't miss out on yours!
  • Recycled Lanyards: What could be better than using new materials for eco-friendly lanyards? Well, we could start by using materials that already exist that are sitting around cluttering up the environment – and recycled lanyards do just that! Reducing landfill waste and giving existing but redundant products a new lease of life and purpose is great news for eco ID solutions, greener marketing and a better planet for us all.
  • rPET Lanyards: This word gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly is rPET? Recycled PET lanyards are created from recycled polyethylene terephthalate material. With that mouthful to say, it's no wonder it gets abbreviated, but to make things easier, this material comes under the umbrella of recycled lanyard options. As mentioned above, this provides a great eco-friendly solution to repurposing, cutting down on waste and offering a sturdy, printable product with all the same benefits of traditional lanyard options with an earth-friendly bonus.

So, these are the big three when it comes to custom printed eco lanyards, but who is to say what the future will bring? With the increasing need and drive for more eco-friendly options and the urgency to cut down on wasteful practices, another incredible new earth-friendly option could be right around the corner (and when there is, you bet we will stock it!) In the meantime, these three offer lanyards for businesses that show commitment to a greener tomorrow as well as great quality branding today.

Are Lanyards Safe to Use?

Unsurprisingly, this is a frequently searched and asked question and one we encounter as a lanyard supplier based in Canada. Anything worn around the neck should be treated with caution and care – but there are ways to improve safety and peace of mind! Creating branded lanyards with safety breaks offers another level of protection for the wearer. Did you know that currently in 2023, the law in Ontario schools is that lanyards must have at least one safety break – showing us how important this small feature is. Our lanyards come with one safety break included, and we also offer options with multiple safety breaks in their design. So getting the right type of lanyard for your needs matters and while nothing is ever completely safe, the current design and options with increased safety breaks help to ensure these products are made with the counter-potential for misfortune in mind.

Lanyards Dragging You Down? Check Out These Shorter Options!

Not every business wants full-sized logo lanyards and we offer more options than the standard size! Wrist lanyards offer a shorter option great for keys or attaching to ID for easy retrieval from bags and purses. No one wants to be scrambling about for small essentials during the day, and these products offer a convenient and inexpensive solution.

Is there anything else, we hear you ask? Actually, yes! Cara strap lanyards are even shorter and can be custom printed with your logo or message, just like a lanyard. These items are great for attaching to rucksacks and backpacks, making them a popular choice for travellers and hikers who have essentials to transport but want to keep their hands free (Please note: these items are not intended for weight bearing and climbing activities) With extra choices, we hope to have what you had in mind for customization, but if you don't see it on our site, let us know because we might be able to create it!

In a Hurry? No Need to Slow Down When You Choose In-Stock Lanyards!

Sometimes you need business lanyards in a rush or something for a promotional event that just won't make the cut time-wise for customization. Fortunately, in-stock lanyards available in Canada offer a convenient solution (so, put down that DIY string in your hands. It just doesn't have the same level of style or professionalism) Quick ID solutions for marketing and tradeshows sometimes means sacrificing personalization. Sometimes adding your print isn't important, necessary or in the budget. Whatever the reason, stock options provide a great alternative. Best of all, our plain lanyards are available in a wide range of colour options to give you more choice, even on a budget or time frame!

Creating Custom Printed Lanyards for Medical Staff

Hospital lanyards are a common sight in person and even on the TV, but why do medical staff rely on them so much? Are they just a prop? The short answer is, of course, no, and they are an often essential part of everyday attire for nurses and doctors. Keeping hands free from clutter is vital in a medical setting yet the need for identification to other members of staff, visitors and security is also crucial. Medical lanyards offer a handy solution to this dilemma and convenience for busy workers. Nursing lanyards in Canada free up the wearer to focus on their work. They can also be worn throughout the day to pass checkpoints, reassure visitors and confirm authorization with other employees. Are there any important features for hospital lanyards to consider that sets them apart from other options? Let's take a look!

    Creating Breakaway Lanyards for Nurses: With nurses being at the front of healthcare contact, safety is essential. From getting caught on apparatus to dealing with physical confrontations – everything they wear or carry must be chosen with safety in mind. A safety break or even multiple safety breaks gives a lanyard a better chance of separating when grabbed or caught, giving peace of mind to the wearer and a piece of equipment more suitable for the environment they are in.
  • Easy Clean Lanyards for Hospitals: Sometimes, the traditional materials that medical lanyards are made from are not the best solution. Silicone lanyards offer an easy-wipe surface that can be cleaned much more easily than fabrics. Our silicone lanyards offer a great option for medical settings and a touch of extra convenience for the user, as well as promoting hygienic solutions to everyday ID essentials.
  • Whatever customizable lanyards you need, hospital or otherwise, we are ready to answer questions and get you started, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Creating Branded Lanyards Popular For Schools

    If you are looking for where to buy lanyards for schools, then we are right here ready to get you started! Promotional lanyards for schools in Canada are important and in demand for several reasons. Personalized lanyards offer a way to stay hands-free for ID display while promoting easy identification, which is important in a school setting. Equally vital is the need for easily viewed visitor ID and lanyards provide a way to show passes, names, department authorization and more. As mentioned, our lanyards come with a single safety break by default, essential for school lanyard compliance, and we also offer options with multiple breaks in the design. Professional and practical, it's easy to see why lanyards in Canada are a popular item in schools up to college level!

    Check Out Our ID Accessories for Your Complete Lanyard Experience!

    We have certainly talked a lot about custom lanyards in Canada, so now it's time to round up and talk about other hidden gems that could provide you with more hassle-free ID solutions. Custom printed badge reels offer an alternative to lanyards that help display identification without the need for a hanging string. When they are pulled the string extends, and when released, the string conveniently returns to inside the reel. This means no flapping material and a useful product for not just business settings but a wide variety of audience bases.

    Our in-stock PVC card holders help the wearer display their identification and offer your business a budget-friendly ID option to pair with your selected lanyards. These items are typically in stock and available in a rush and pair well with our on-hand, in stock-lanyard options!

    Promotional luggage straps... look kind of like lanyards' bigger cousin, but these handy items are built to travel. Custom printed luggage straps offer a great giveaway for travel agents, car rental agencies or anyone looking to give their message the opportunity to go global on a budget!

    Let Lanyards Be the Only Thing That Hangs Around for Your Progress!

    From wholesale lanyards for businesses to rainbow lanyards for Pride events, the perfect option for your custom printing could be waiting for you right here. The need for everyday brand awareness could be solved with lanyards for keys in Canada, or you could be at the front of funky marketing and creating a visual splash with full colour lanyards in bulk at that upcoming tradeshow or marketing conference. Whatever the occasion, we want to make sure the only thing left "hanging" is your lanyard, so get in touch to get creative or tell us what you need and let's make it happen.