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Custom Printed & Promotional Lanyards at Great Prices

Every company should have promotional products to give to their customers and employees. This helps spread the word about your brand. One of the most effective items to choose is a lanyard. Employees use lanyards to carry their badges or ID cards, car keys and other devices. Browse our custom branded and promotional printed lanyards below. For the thrifty lanyard shopper try our popular polyester lanyard for a truly economical ID solution!

Can You Create Customized Lanyards with My Design?

Did you know that the earliest lanyards date all the way back to the 15th century? Records and artifacts show that people discovered the usefulness of having a hands-free small item attached to them and within easy reach long before the promotional scene as we know it appeared. Since their origin, lanyard design and material choice have evolved into the familiar accessory we recognize today – and as with almost any modern product – where there's a surface area, there's a printing space! Promotional lanyards in Canada can be custom branded with your logo or message to create useful, easy-to-notice promotional items with a practical purpose. The creation and addition of modern fittings (sorry, no more knots in them for security!) means that you can create custom printed lanyards with your design on them, for the exact purpose you had in mind.

What Can & Can't Go on My Custom Logo Lanyard?

Lanyards for businesses in Canada might be useful, but to make the most of their slightly unusual printing area, you have to choose the right type of design! Read on to discover some handy pointers when creating your imprinted lanyards in bulk or with low minimum order requirements.

  • The Do's: Think about the colours you are choosing. White on white might sound awesome, but are you going for a subtle, muted approach, or do you want to make a strong visual impact? The same goes for font choice, simple fonts at a larger size are easier to read from a distance. Lastly, feel free to make use of our in-house art service! We are ready to help you get the most out of your lanyard design and answer any questions you might have. We don't expect you to be a pro when it comes to creating custom printed lanyards – that's our job!
  • The Don'ts: Try to avoid very intricate designs on your promotional lanyards (but always contact us with your idea because you might be surprised what we can make work!). The same goes for tiny details, very small text, or highly stylized lettering that may be difficult to read on a product that typically displays vertically. However, did you know that our branded lanyards are available in several different standard widths, and with custom sizes also available by request? We hope this will help with your design legibility, so contact our team for more info!

Whatever you have in mind for your custom design lanyards, it's always worth the quick call or email to us to answer questions. Our Canadian office is based in Ontario, and our staff are local – ready and waiting for your call.

What’s the Difference Between Screen Printed & Dye Sublimated Lanyards?

With so many techy terms thrown around in the promotional and printing industry, it's not surprising that some of us are left scratching our heads. So, what is the difference between promotional dye-sub lanyards and custom printed lanyards with your logo or design? Custom printed lanyards or 'screen printed lanyards' are a lanyard that has ink placed on the surface. Dye sublimated lanyards involve a process where the design is heat transferred directly into the fabric itself. This allows for more detailed designs and colour options but can create a less crisp print for your design than its counterpart. It can also be a little more expensive, giving traditional promotional screen printed lanyards a firm foothold in the race for popularity and selection.

Popular Material Options Available for Custom Logo Lanyards

So, now we have talked about the print options, it's time to cover the material types available for customized lanyards in Canada. The three main materials available are polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards, and of course satin applique. What are the differences between them? For nylon vs polyester lanyards, a lot of it comes down to a material 'look and feel' preference, nylon is generally a stiffer fabric and has more shine to it. The smoothest of all is the satin option and it is generally thinner than its more common alternatives but is also generally only available at a higher price point. Unsure which works for your needs? Let us help!

The Value of Eco-Friendly Custom Lanyards in Canada

With the growing need and importance for eco-friendly promotional items in Canada, branded sustainable lanyards are now available! This means your business can have the same awesome perks that traditional lanyards bring (helping free up hands, easy ID display solutions, etc) but with the bonus of being more earth-positive. Choose from custom bamboo lanyards made from a natural and sustainable material, or to clean up wasteful plastic with promotional rPET lanyards, which are made from reclaimed and recycled plastic bottles (and they’re available with screen print or dye-sublimation!). The savvy marketer and promoter will recognize that in this modern world, getting your message out there is only half of the challenge. Creating positive brand association and fulfilling the public scrutiny on companies' carbon footprints is the new challenge for business owners and imprinted eco-lanyards are here to help.

Staying Visible with Custom Hi-Vis Lanyards

Staying safe at work or while on the go means every little bit of extra visibility helps. Promotional hi-visibility lanyards add an extra touch of conspicuousness to the wearer's location. With Canada having long winters and dark, early evenings for a large part of the year – staying in sight matters on and off the job site. These lanyards are also great attention grabbers and an excellent location for your custom logo or message!

Why are Wrist Strap Lanyards & Cara Strap Lanyards Useful?

Sometimes you just don't need a full-sized lanyard for your clients or branding needs and that's where custom printed wrist strap lanyards (or, as they are also known as 'promotional short lanyards') and cara strap lanyards branded with your logo can help. These options provide shorter products that can still be custom printed and provide an excellent alternative when lanyards worn around the neck are not an option or unnecessary. Free up hands and provide an easier way to find or carry small essentials with these convenient items available in almost every colour imaginable and waiting for your finishing touch.

Why are Printed Safety Lanyards a Popular Choice?

Custom multi safety lanyards are more than just an outlier when it comes to lanyard selection in Canada. While it is advisable (or in some situations, a legal requirement) to have at least a single break on lanyard designs, these offer multiple. This means easier breakaways and extra reassurance for the wearer. A popular choice for workplace environments where there could be a physical interaction, like healthcare or prisons where the potential for strangulation is a serious risk with an improper or ill-suited product. As with printed hi-vis lanyards, sometimes the product is about more than just displaying a company slogan or message. It's about providing a product suitable for the wearer to make their daily work tasks smoother – without putting them at risk for the sake of convenience.

Promote Comfort and Your Message with Adjustable Lanyards

Too tight? Too loose? Ill-fitting lanyards are more than just unsightly – they can pose a hazard! The good news is that adjustable promo lanyards give you the same great brand awareness potential with more wiggle room for a better, tailored fit. This style of lanyard is a popular choice with a wide range of businesses in Canada – allowing for a more comfortable product that won't leave the wearer pulling uncomfortably or irritated with your item throughout the day.

Creating Lanyards for All Occasions with Us (It's Easy!)

Whatever your promotional or business needs are, no one wants their brand on a poor-quality product. Our company brings quality lanyards at great price points to Canada. Our team are ready to get your brand out of the wish list and into reality and we have experience in everything from imprinted lanyards for school districts in Ontario, creating funky swag giveaway lanyards for tradeshows to sophisticated colour palettes and designs for branded conference and business lanyards printed with your logo. Lanyards have been around for what feels like forever, but that doesn't mean you should miss out on creating yours! Message us today and let's get designing together.