All About Custom Lanyards Canada

Custom Lanyards Canada: Our Company Profile

We are the leading manufacturers of custom lanyards and we're proud to offer high quality products and customer service to every person who orders through our website. Our organization is focused on the satisfaction and happiness of our customers, and we want to make sure that you receive unrivalled quality products and services from our company.

Each staff member on our team truly cares about the customers they are working with, and we pay attention to details such as delivery tracking, status updates, and custom design work for your order. We are always available to answer your questions and offer information about the options that are available. Need someone to brainstorm your idea for promotional products? No problem! Call us at 519-219-2292 and we will gladly help you throw ideas around to improve your promotional lanyards.

Lanyard Manufacturers You Can Trust

Custom Lanyards Canada has been in business since 2001, and our long-term experience has made us one of the leaders in the industry. When you order through us, you will truly get direct manufacturing. Because these products are produced in our own factory, you don’t have to worry about paying the surplus charges that usually go to the middle-man.

Since the manufacturing is handled in-house, we have full control over every step of the manufacturing process. You will experience fast turnaround and delivery, because we quickly finish the lanyards in our factory and then drop the order on the next available air express flight to your doorstep. This courier process provides door-to-door service, to ensure that you receive your order in a timely manner.

Need your order fast? We can have a rush order printed and delivered to your doorstep in as few as 5 days!

Custom Graphics for High Quality Products

Our graphic designers are always available to assist with the design of your lanyards, and the designers can show you the lanyards before the order is produced. Our in-house design studio will set up the artwork for your order, and then you will be able to see a digital mock-up before the order is processed. You will receive a PDF or JPG file showcasing your custom design, and you can give the final approval before you commit to the manufacturing. If you are not happy with the virtual sample of your order, simply let us know what you would like to change. We will then create another virtual sample for your approval, before it is produced and shipped.

Why You Need Promotional Lanyards

Lanyards are one of the most popular promotional products, because they have so many practical uses. Many companies and organizations see the benefits of customized lanyards, which can easily be provided to office staff and security personnel for identification purposes. They can be customized with your company name and/or logo so they provide a promotional boost for your company, no matter how you choose to use them.

We are the lanyard experts, and we can handle any type of order! Since we have an in-house design team and dedicated manufacturing services, we can handle large orders on a tight deadline. At the same time, you will receive personalized service from our closely-knit team, so that you don’t have to give up the undivided attention that is typically only found with smaller companies.

Additional ID Accessories

In addition to our various promotional lanyards, we also offer a wide range of other event ID and lanyard accessories to choose from. We carry various different ID holders that come in all different shapes and sizes – some which can be customized with your company name or logo as well! We also carry printed plastic cards that can be used as rewards, membership, company IDs, security access, VIP passes, and even gift cards. When customizing your lanyards, you have the option of various different fittings and accessory attachments as well. We even carry personalized camera straps, custom pet leads, printed arm bands, and more!

A Trustworthy, Canadian Owned Company

We are Canada’s number one lanyard supplier, and we offer various programs for re-sellers and non-profit organizations to help boost marketing efforts. Browse our selection of lanyard samples and see for yourself that our company is trusted by top name brands and companies both within Canada and outside it.

If you are interested in ordering high quality custom lanyards or other promotional ID accessories, then we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the features that are available - thank you for choosing !