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Custom Promotional Pet Leashes & Collars With Your Logo

We have all seen it at one point when we are out. The strangers that nudge their friends, their excited smile. The wistful following of their eyes when you move past where they are and the sigh when you leave them behind. Yes people love dogs and nothing draws attention outside quite like a cute pet on a leash. With a nation of animal lovers it makes advertising on a custom branded pet lead a smart choice for businesses of all kinds as it’s something people are sure to pay attention to!

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My Fluffy has to look the best!

Gone are the days when pet accessories were plain and existed for function only. Now people want unique, memorable and nothing is too good for their fur baby. This means personalized dog leads are a great investment because anything that makes their precious pet stand out from the crowd is sure to be a hit!

At Custom Lanyards Canada we offer several standard colour options, but it doesn’t stop there! If you don’t see the colour you are looking for click our Pantone matching chart for even more selection, the possibilities are huge! We also offer a range of widths to better suit the type of pet your custom pet lead is aimed towards, and this product comes fitted with a heavy duty ‘G’ clip for extra safety, because style and security shouldn’t be exclusive.

With social media being such a large part of people’s lives, pets feature heavily on many feeds and pages, with some animals having their own social media entirely! With this in mind, having a branded pet leash is a great choice for advertising because one feature, one picture and your brand could be seen by thousands across the world! Who knew Mr. Nibbles sitting at the beach wearing your printed dog leash could give you such an unexpected popularity boost!

An advertising choice that gets out and about!

Our custom pet leads are perfect for any business that works with animals and needs to get their name out there. Shelters on a tight budget still need short term advertising and will find these a great solution to keeping the cost low and the visual impact high.

With adoption centres often being at full capacity, walking your potential adoptees with these printed dog leashes will not only show your company name but also announce to the public ‘hey this good dog is for adoption!’ all at once.

A personalized dog lead is also a great choice for anyone running an obedience or socialization class! A smart looking branded pet leash that has your company name is sure to be a hit with new pet owners who probably can’t afford everything new by themselves. Veterinary surgeries could also benefit from these and pet food stores as a long lasting advertising choice that will be seen by countless people for years to come!

Positive pets = positive advertising for all

A custom pet lead is not only an item to promote company awareness in the public eye but can also increase your approval with pet owners in general, a huge area of any market – no matter what your business. Advertising yourself as pet friendly is a great idea, even if you aren’t directly involved with animals as a company. People will meet up with other pet owners and say ‘hey look who gave me this!’ increasing goodwill and positive public imagery for you in one easy move.

Whatever you choose, whatever colour or width, you can rest assured not only will your four legged friends love you, but so will the public. Inquire today and get that pawsitive advertising out there fur and wide!

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