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Custom Personalized Lanyards & ID Lanyards Canada

When your company or business needs lanyards, look no further than our range of custom lanyards & accessories. You need a branded lanyard that is well designed and projects the right image for the business. In addition, they need to be safe and functional so individuals will want to wear them everywhere in working environments, at conferences, events or corporate functions. We supply the fastest lanyards in Canada with some products like our polyester lanyard made and delivered in only 5 days to your door! This is backed up by our 100% free design service where our in house designers put a full production proof together of your lanyards prior to production. There seriously is no beating our service.

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Why Choose Our Personalized Lanyards?

Businesses often wonder why they should spend money on personalized products. First and foremost, customized lanyards and accessories offer a simple and discreet way to promote a brand, and one size fits every customer, helping the business to save money when purchasing products of this type. The accessories tend to make the user's life easier in some way also, thus they are sure to be appreciated. For example, a lanyard holds the user's keys, flash drive, or badge, leaving their hands free for other things. Due to the value they provide to the user, they are almost guaranteed to be used frequently, thus the company gets a return on investment and better visibility within the public eye.

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Our Offers Are Second To None

Consumers want the latest when it comes to things they own. This is true for everything from cars and cell phones to accessories they wear, and we understand this. We regularly update our product line to offer the latest items. This currently includes nylon and plant silk lanyards, polyester and bamboo varieties, and recycled PET lanyards, Along with a carefuly chosen ID badge and holders. Our mission is to ensure no client has to look elsewhere for the items they need—ones that truly represent their business and its offerings. We also provide other products customers want and need, such as badge holders and ID accessories, and they may also be customized for each client. Regardless of what a client is searching for, we can help. Ask about our satin applique, printed PVC, woven, and Earth-friendly lanyards, along with our hospital ID products and dog leads.

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Easy Order Process

Clients find they are able to purchase the products they need quickly and easily. It all starts with a call or email to our customer service team, During this conversation, information is provided regarding the desired product and design. The team can then make suggestions as to items that meet the client's needs and the design. Customers never need to worry, as they will be able to approve or amend the design before it goes to the manufacturing plant.

For clients who don't know what finished design they need, we create one and make adjustments until the client is satisfied. Our goal is to surpass the expectations of the client with each order, and this is only one way we do so. We offer the lowest prices in the country and strive to beat our own standards at all times. We deliver our products as quickly as possible, sometimes in less than five days, but customers must understand this depends on the complexity of the order.

We won't be beaten on price, quality or turnaround time. And our 100% free artwork and design service is the cherry on top that really sets us apart from our competitors, just talk to us and request a quote. Out team will respond with a free quote and mockup of your finished design.



As with any business purchase, companies worry about the cost of custom lanyards and promotional products. With our help, businesses find we can create a design (see our artwork guidelines for info on mockups) that not only meets their needs but fits their budgets. For example, a customer may want a three-color plant silk lanyard but find it doesn't fit into their budget requirement. When this happens, we work with the client to find a solution that does fit their needs, coming as close to the original choice as possible. Thanks to our many product offerings and our experienced staff, we are able to find a solution for almost any customer. 


Why wait weeks to obtain custom lanyards and ID accessories? Orders can be delivered to the customer's front door five days after the order is placed. Actually, many orders arrive before this time, as the goal is to help our clients get what they need in the shortest time possible. Priority shipping services are also offered, and customers usually find our low prices allow them to upgrade to this option without breaking their budgets. See our shipping policy for more info.

Why Choose Us?

We remain the country's number one supplier when it comes to high quality, custom lanyards, and our clients include big names such as Adidas, Moneris, Tom-Tom, Samsung, Google, Coors Light, Ford, and the University of Toronto. Our wide range of products, including many not carried by other companies, ensures everyone will be able to find a product that meets their needs, whether it be a printed lanyard, a duo flex lanyard, or badge cards. The goal is to help our clients obtain everything they need in one location to not only help them save time but money as well. We also provider reseller programs, as they help clients boost their marketing efforts with big discounts. Numerous companies currently take advantage of this program and obtain many privileges and benefits when doing so.

To make certain clients get the right lanyards and badge holders the first time, we offer free artwork services.  Clients find they are able to get the perfect accessory—one that truly represents their company in a favorable light. Our quick shipping services and the support and guidance offered to customers during every step of the process will ensure the items chosen meet and exceed the needs of the client every time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of help to you.

Contact us when you need lanyards at the highest quality in Canada, but don't assume that is all we sell. We can also be of assistance with other items, including camera straps, pet collars and leads, ID accessories, luggage straps, and RFID cards in a huge variety of materials. Explore our site to see what items catch your eye. Promoting your business doesn't have to be a laborious task, as you can do so simply be providing necessary items to employees and customers. When they use these items, they draw attention to your business with very little effort on your part.

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