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Wrist Strap Lanyards


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Minimum order: 50 units

Wrist strap lanyards are actually very versatile. They can be used for anything that a regular lanyard can be used for. They’re often used for staff or employees that have to carry around work ID’s, badges, security passes, keys, rewards cards, and more. However, wrist strap lanyards can also help in ways that regular lanyards cannot. They’re popular among running groups, and marathon runners because they can be used to hold keys, and ID, (etc.). Their items are secured to their body at all times, and they don’t have to worry about the lanyardflying up and hitting them in the face.


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Printed polyester lanyards are our most popular lanyard. They are available printed in up to 4 pantone colours and come standard with J hook fitting. We have several standard colours available. We can also match polyester lanyards to any colour. This keeps your lanyards in line with your corporate branding or logo colours.

Lanyard Fittings

Wrist Strap Lanyards

Wrist strap lanyards are also becoming popular among people in the music and/or concert industry. Music concerts usually involve a considerable amount of physical movement, which also includes dancing. So a wrist lanyard is much more feasible because it doesn’t get in the way as much. There are also a lot of other businesses and companies that prefer a lanyard that goes around their employees’ wrist, rather than a lanyard that goes around their neck.

High end corporate companies often need their employees to carry company ID’s or security keys. However, the lanyard hanging around their neck doesn’t usually compliment corporate attire. That’s why a lot of corporate companies would rather stock wrist strap lanyards, over anything else. If your employees work in a building that requires them to swipe a security pass on a daily basis, a wrist strap may be the more convenient choice. If your employees have to wear their security pass around their neck they will have to constantly bend down to swipe it. So wearing them around their wrist is a bit more practical, in more ways than one.

Wrist lanyards are also known as short lanyards, and they are great promotional items because they’re completely customizable. You can have your company name, brand name, or logo imprinted on each lanyard in your order. These wrist lanyards are made from polyester material, and they’re available in up to 4 pantone colors. They come with a standard J hook fitting, but there is a wide range of other fittings for you to choose from. We can also match our polyester lanyards to almost any color, so you will be able to use the standard branding colors associated with your business. The wrist lanyards are very stylish, so they can be used by clients, employees, event staff, and even yourself.

All of our lanyards are made with quality materials to ensure that they’re both vibrant, and durable. Although we use quality materials for our products, we also want to make sure our customers are getting the best prices around. That’s why we have our price beat guarantee. The price beat guarantee allows us to lower our prices to beat a competitor’s price, which ensures that you will always get the best prices around. There is also a team of designers that will create a virtual sample of what your order will look like. You will have the ability to either approve or deny the design before the order goes into production. This will help to ensure that you’ll be happy with your order 100 percent of the time.