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Printed Plastic Cards, Membership Cards & More

Why waste time and effort doing it yourself with a plastic card printer? Our card printing service is second-to-none and our prices are highly competitive! Multiple printing and customization options are available, to help ensure you get the perfect VIP, membership, loyalty cards or identification tags for your company or event – but don't forget to order ID holders and printed lanyards to complete the look! Our free design service will help you get the design that’s right for you prior to production. Plus our rush delivery service can accommodate your urgent delivery deadline in Canada – why delay? Order today!

The Ultimate Guide to Promotional Loyalty Cards: Are They Effective for Your Business?

Custom printed loyalty cards might seem like lightweights compared to some of the (literally) larger promotional items out there – but these small products can be surprisingly effective for marketing and have risen to pride of place for some business models and marketing strategies. Getting clients and customers to come to your venue even once can be a challenge, especially in today's economic market, and generating repeat business can pose a headache for even veteran owners. Whether you're a small start-up or a well-established company, understanding the potential impact of customer retention and brand loyalty is crucial for your success. With everyone from gyms to grocery stores taking advantage of these little pieces of plastic, let's delve into the benefits, strategies, and best practices for integrating printed plastic loyalty cards from Custom Lanyards Canada into your brand awareness efforts.

What Are Custom Printed Membership Cards and How Do They Work?

Custom loyalty cards have become popular for a reason, but what exactly are they anyway? Printed member cards are plastic business cards with your logo on one side and typically a barcode or strip on the reverse. These products may seem ordinary, but they can serve as a powerful marketing tool to nurture customer loyalty and incentivize repeat business. From discounts to exclusive deals – your business can add an enticing element to its marketing strategy. You can encourage continued patronage through points-based systems and create lasting value for customers with logo loyalty cards for your business. With so much versatility, printed membership cards in Canada offer great potential to encourage repetition while strengthening brand awareness for your business.

How Promotional Membership Cards Can Boost Your Business

New clients are great, but you want your existing customers to keep coming back – and custom printed loyalty cards could be a great solution. These handy little products have the potential to significantly boost customer retention by providing rewards for repeat business, motivating customers to return to your establishment. They can also play a vital role in enhancing brand visibility as customers carry the branded cards in their wallets or on their keychains – serving as a constant reminder of your custom printed message or brand slogan.

How Printed Loyalty Cards Can Boost Customer Engagement

The saying 'it's all talk' comes from somewhere and it's probably rooted in the fact that people generally like to see something tangible in front of them. Membership cards branded with business logos provide a physical reminder of your company's existence on an easy-to-carry item. Once attached to belongings or carried inside wallets, each time your card is on display, it provides a valuable reminder for clients that your business is waiting for their custom. With membership points and perks, your brand now potentially has the inside track on its competitors for encouraging customers to return and engage with your business. With most snap-off loyalty cards and traditional plastic membership cards from Custom Lanyards Canada available with full colour print, you can also create cards with your business colours or brand theme on – great for reinforcing brand identity and awareness with customers.

Benefits of Custom Printed Loyalty Cards

Membership loyalty cards with your logo on them are an effective tool for businesses to incentivize repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty. From discounts to easy access to gyms and clubs, creating a positive client experience and making them feel valued is an important step for a successful business and membership key tags are ready to help. Looking for even more customization? Check out our custom shape plastic cards that can be designed as key tags or as full size printed plastic cards!

  • Increased Customer Retention: The need for clients to continue their patronage is an important cornerstone of most business models. Gyms, private clubs, grocery stores and more - reducing customer turnover and driving long-term loyalty matters. Membership cards and key tags offer something extra for those loyal visitors, driving customer-business appreciation in the right direction. Fostering a deeper connection and commitment to your brand could be as easy as creating printed member cards for your business and with their low cost, they are budget-friendly too.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: You want people to visit your business, not your competitors and that can mean going the extra mile. Customers carrying branded loyalty cards are already on track for brand loyalty and with the keychains and easy-to-carry style of membership cards branded with your business logo available – who knows who else might see your logo? Amplifying brand visibility could be easy to achieve with custom plastic card printing for loyalty cards and member key tags.
  • Effective Advertising: Getting your name out there matters in business, but marketing and advertising can be pricey. With budget-friendly brand awareness sought after by thrifty businesses of all sizes, loyalty cards in Canada are a handy solution. "Hey, I got this great deal at-" could be mentioned in offices and homes, bringing your business to the forefront of conversation and placing it in the spotlight for brand awareness.

From plastic VIP cards to creating printed gym membership cards for your business, it seems like almost everyone could benefit from these handy cards, but let's take an in-depth look at some more perks and benefits below.

How Can Promotional Loyalty Cards Benefit My Business?

We discussed earlier how custom membership cards can offer a powerful way to increase customer retention through incentives and proximity, but is there anything else? What about if your business isn't a gym or a grocery store? Are these cards still useful? With key tags and membership cards being so versatile, these products could be a great option for a wider range of companies than you think! Creating a product that links clients to convenient service while offering tempting perks is often a great move for business models. Do you have a front desk that isn't always staffed? Take advantage of custom plastic membership cards with easy-swipe strips to register clients and allow them access. Are you a business with less staff than you would like and dread those long queues? Speed up checkouts with snap-off loyalty cards or key cards with barcodes on the back. Versatility means tailoring something to your business, from hotels to country clubs, health centres and beyond and plastic keychain tags are waiting for your design. Ultimately, promotional loyalty cards serve as a constant reminder of your brand, promoting awareness and keeping your business top-of-mind for consumers, and that's great news for businesses across Canada.

How Your Business Can Customize Membership Loyalty Cards

Previously we touched upon the variety of customization options available for branded loyalty cards, but let's take a look in more detail. Custom Lanyards Canada offers a wide variety of options to tailor your custom shape business cards made from plastic and custom shape luggage tags to your business needs, and here are some of the most popular:

  • Utilizing barcodes: Adding barcodes to your membership cards can help streamline your business, cutting down on wait times, and customer frustration and bringing your brand up to date with the busy lifestyles of consumers.
  • Creating snap-offs: Cluttered wallets could be a thing of the past with custom printed snap-off membership cards. This style is great for keychains and can help keep your message close and on display rather than hidden in the depths of purses and bags.
  • Adding Strips: Magnetic strips and writing strips are available to modernize your logo membership cards and add a touch of security to interactions. This is great news for businesses in Canada, and clients' peace of mind and helps explain why member cards with strips are a popular choice for customization.
  • These cover some but far from all the options available for plastic luggage tags and loyalty card customization for your brand. Inquire with our team to find out more about these handy products.

    Custom Printed Luggage Tags Get Your Brand Travelling

    Creating customized luggage tags in Canada means your business can go global. Inexpensive, budget-friendly and practical, luggage key tags for marketing giveaways and promotions can get your brand involved with luxury travel and even daily commutes. With the world becoming ever more streamlined and travel no longer for only the rich, the need and public interest for inexpensive travel items like printed luggage tags has grown. These practical items, available from Custom Lanyards Canada, give clients a handy way to identify their luggage and display your design to crowds of travellers. With luggage tags custom printed you can encourage brand identity, reinforcement and even potentially generate new clients, all at a budget-friendly price point. Custom shape luggage tags in bulk are as limitless as your marketing ideas, contact us for your next trade show or event to get creative.

    Create Customized Membership Cards for Your Business

    Now we know how effective printed loyalty cards can be for boosting customer retention and engagement, are you ready to create yours? Offer a tangible incentive for repeat business, generate a sense of exclusivity and foster brand loyalty with bulk printed membership key tags and cards. Customized loyalty cards for businesses offer a valuable asset for strengthening customer relationships and driving sustainable growth, so don't miss out on yours. Our friendly sales department and in-house art service at Custom Lanyards Canada are ready to get your message into the hands of clients by becoming your loyalty card supplier.