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Printed Plastic cards, membership cards & ID Tags Canada

Don't think twice about requesting a quote from us, our prices are the absolute most competitive in Canada. Our printing and customization options help to ensure you get the perfect VIP, membership, loyalty or identification cards for your company. Our free design service will help you get the design that’s right for you prior to production. Our rush delivery service can accommodate your urgent delivery deadline. However, it’s important to keep in mind that conditions may apply when you choose to have your order rush delivered.

Lanyards Guarantee

Printed ID Cards Provide a Variety of Business Solutions

Browse some of our styles above and don't forget to check our wide range of matching lanyards. Lanyards are ideal for securing ID badges and cards like these, while providing a place for them to be visibly and professionally worn. If you already have an idea of what you’d like your order to look like, we can send you a quote within just 30 minutes. If you’re having trouble coming up with a design that’s right for your business, we’ll be happy to help you create one.

At one point, Printed ID Cards were pretty simple and included only basic information. A name, a number, and a picture were the only elements considered to be essential. At the time those cards were considered to be sufficient enough to fulfill everyone’s needs. However, with technology and society continuously advancing, that is no longer the case. Today, security issues demand that ID cards not only provide visual information related to the holder's identity, but also include functions that are more technologically advanced.

ID Cards Fill Unique Needs for Companies

Printed IDs still perform basic functions and are commonly used in settings where a quick check to match the card to the holder is all that's required. However, digital enhancements make it possible for cards to provide access to restricted areas, automatically log in when entering a site, and track movement within a site. Since different organizations have different needs, card designs are customized to meet each user’s specific requirements.

Companies Can Now Easily Design and Create Cards On-Site

Printed plastic card credentials are no longer created only by specialized suppliers. Both hardware and software solutions are readily available for most companies that sell IDs or security cards. We now have the ability to quickly create credentials that can be virtually activated and used almost instantaneously. These types of solutions are ideal for organizations that are experiencing turnovers or are rapidly expanding. Having company equipment like this on-site also makes it possible to change user access privileges quickly and easily. That level of flexibility enhances productivity because employees don’t have to wait for their credentials before taking over new duties.

Accessories Enhance Credential Usefulness

Losing credentials is a major issue with security-conscious organizations. So skipping steps that can reduce the likelihood of losses is not an option. Lanyards, badge reels, and clips are all accessories that make it easier for users to keep track of their credentials. Employees and staff that work with high risk machines and equipment have to stay vigilant about safety precautions. In some situations, the use of a lanyard may pose a safety threat. That’s why we offer our customers some safety suggestions. To help you keep risks at a minimum, while making it easy to access staff credentials.

Plastic business cards have many uses, and the type of business you run determines what kind of cards you’ll need. So it's always a good idea to discuss those needs with a professional before making any decisions. Professional advice makes it easier for you to put things into perspective, and figure out which solutions will meet your specific needs. If you need help creating cards for your company, business, or event, we’ll be happy to help you create a card that is customized to your needs.

Although all of our products are made with quality materials, you won’t have to pay over the top prices. All of our products are tagged with a price beat guarantee. If you get a cheaper quote for the same ID cards you’re ordering, we will lower our prices to beat our competitors. You will have to approve a mock up design of your order before the order begins production. That way there is no money or product lost if a mistake is made, and you’ll never get stuck with products that you’re not happy with.