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Multi Safety Lanyards


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Minimum order: 50 units

We offer three different styles of lanyard with safety breakaway. They include the Multi-Safety lanyards, in addition to the Adjustable lanyards, and High Viz lanyards. The Adjustable lanyards have one safety release clip attached to the bottom of the lanyard, and another one that clips around the user’s neck. They also have an attachment that allows you to adjust the length of the lanyard. The High Viz lanyards allow your employees and staff to be visible at night.


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Lanyard Fittings

Why you should choose a lanyard with safety breakaway

These particular lanyards are unique because they are specifically designed for safety. Safety breakaway lanyards are made with special clip on either side for which breaks when force is applied, this ensures maximum safety to the wearer. The breakaway clips allow the user to quickly release the lanyard from around their neck in case of emergencies. Most people that work in public safety, construction, or with heavy machinery are required to wear identification at all times. So although they work in high risk positions, it is just as important for them to have visible ID for security and public safety reasons.

For example:If an employee or staff member were to get there get their breakaway lanyards caught in heavy equipment, machinery, ora lift (etc.), they would be able to quickly release the lanyard from around their neck.

They’re also handy for people who work in the medical field. If their lanyard gets caught and they need to tend to a patient in a hurry, they can quickly disconnect it.These lanyards are commonly handed out to employee’s and staff members as a necessary part of their uniform. However,they’re also known to be given out as promotional gifts as well.

Break away lanyards can be branded with your logo

In addition, each one of them can be customized with your own unique company name or logo on the entire length of the lanyard.We use pantone coloring when imprinting your company name and/or logo on them, and the colors are made to be long lasting, extremely vibrant, and eye-catching. There is a wide range of colors for you to choose from, as well as an array of different fittings. You can even customize the length of your Multi-Safety lanyards.

The fittings that we offer are sure to fulfill all of your professional needs. We have fittings that can secure ID cards, security cards, keys, and we even have whistle attachments. The whistle attachments are ideal for sports teams, coaches, guards, cheer squads, school bands and much more.The last thing you need is a staff members Multi-Safety lanyard malfunctioning during an emergency situation. That’s why we make sure that all of the materials used to manufacture our products are made with the highest quality possible.

Highly competitive service, price and turnaround times

Although we use high quality materials, our prices are also highly competitive. If you find these same exact lanyards at a lower price, we will lower our price to either beat or match the price of our competitors. These lanyards serve as a multi-purpose tool for a lot of businesses and events. They are meant to be used for professional reasons, as well as promotional reasons. So it will be important for you to see what you will actually be getting. Which is why we will show you a design plan for your order of lanyards before we begin to manufacture them. You will never feel stuck with an order you had second thoughts about.