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Promotional Luggage Straps


Lanyards Guarantee

Minimum Order 50 Units

These personalized luggage straps are commonly ordered by companies that require their employees to travel a lot. They are often given to flight attendants, captains, business promoters, and any other type of business that involves traveling. Although these luggage straps are commonly given out to employees and staff, they are often given to clients as promotional gifts as well. If you have an event or business near a tourist spot or airport, you can hand out these customized straps to promote your brand.

Standard Material Colours: Navy, Red, White, Black (Pantone matching available on request)

Preffered Width: 20 or 25mm width. Any length available with adjuster.


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Personalized Luggage Straps Can Promote Your Brand

These particular luggage straps are perfect for high end corporate companies. The straps are weaved to look similar to a Jacquard finish. The likeness to the Jacquard finish gives the straps a very professional and sophisticated look. They are extremely durable and long lasting, so their color will never fade. The woven material of the strapsmakes it virtually impossible for your company name or logo to wear off. The executive woven luggage straps are also extremely comfortable due to the material that is used to make them. Not only will they look sheen and professional, but they will feel weightless and comfortable as well.

Boost Your Travel Brand

Our custom printed luggage straps are 100 percent customizable. You can have a company name, brand name, logo, or website imprinted on every luggage strap in your order.Your company name or logo can be woven into your lanyards in up to 4 colors. You can even create a variety of different color combinations that best suit your brand. The length of them is also customizable, which allows you to get a backing added to the luggage straps to help veil the stitching underside. There are 4 widths available for you to choose from which includes a width of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm.

These personalized luggage straps will show employee appreciation, while giving your company a subtle promotional boost. Whenever someone looks at one of your luggage straps, they will also be looking at your logo. Luggage straps can actually be used in multiple ways. They can be used to help keep a suitcase or bag closed, secure two bags together, or it can be used to secure a bag to your shoulder. The clips on our luggage straps are easy to release, but strong enough to stay locked if it were to fall onto the floor. They also have anadjustment piece that allows each employee to adjust the length for their own perfect fit.

Choose Custom Lanyards Canada For Your Luggage Straps

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why all of our products come with a price beat guarantee. If you find these luggage straps at a lower price somewhere else, we will drop our prices to beat the prices of our competitor’s. In addition, our team of highly qualified designers will provide you with a virtual sample of your order. Your order will not go into production without your approval. Once you are sure you’re happy with your order of luggage straps, we will get your order shipped out to you as soon as possible.