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Custom Luggage Tags

  • Buy 500 for $1.60 each and save 12%
  • Buy 1000 for $1.50 each and save 17%
  • Buy 2500 for $1.40 each and save 23%
Lanyards Guarantee

Made up of heavy duty plastic, this is a stylish and attractive luggage identifier with full color digital print on front and writable zone on back. Get your logo or any other custom graphic printed on these nifty custom luggage identifiers. Keyrings or keyloops can be arranged in these tags depending upon your order requirements.

Also these cards can be manufactured in any shape and size you require. Printing method is the default branding used for color on this tag. Use these custom tags to impress your customers. A must have item for the corporate sector.

Minimum Order: 250 units


Custom Printed Luggage Tags Will Get Your Brand Seen

We all know vacations are awesome and even business conferences away from home can be fun. Change and new places are great but the part few of us care for is getting to where you need to be! Travelling can be stressful and exhausting, from the endless queues at customs while the person in front of you rummages for the passports for each of their twenty cats and argues about bringing their home made pickle on board - to dragging your suitcase as you sprint through the airport screaming, thanks to a last minute gate change. We can’t save you from that, but what we can do at Custom Lanyards Canada is take the final indignity out of having to scramble for your luggage and paw over other people’s belongings in the futile hope they are yours. Make all that a thing of the past with our custom luggage tags!

Highly Affordable

A printed travel bag tag is a great investment for your company because finding your luggage easily and getting the heck out of the airport as fast as possible is a goal that many have in common. A branded tag is an eye catching item that draws the attention of everyone nearby, whether it is their suitcase or not. They are a great give away product for travel agencies as a thank-you for using their services, and with so many people shopping online for vacations these days, adding a personal touch that the internet cannot offer is more important than ever.

It doesn’t stop with travel agencies though!

Cruise lines are renowned for giving away free perks to their guests who, let’s be honest, are expecting them – so a printed travel bag tag is a great, low cost choice when the advertising budget has to be split into multiple areas and cover more than one promo item. With a custom luggage tag you are saying welcome on board in style but also saving enough money to give your guests more than one free gift.

Hotel and spa retreats are a huge industry but big public interest means big competition, so what better way to get your name into people’s minds than giving your guests a free luggage tag or even leaving them in their rooms and just watch them disappear along with the shampoo and soaps!

Not a travel related company?

These are still a great choice! Everyone loves something that makes their life a little easier, so this is the perfect purchase for any company who needs to choose a promo item that won’t end up in the garbage. Once attached to the suitcase or bag it will likely remain there for years to come. Who knows how many thousands of people will see it over the course of its lifetime as it and your own personalized message or slogan travel the world! With an ever increasing amount of people travelling more regularly as technology makes our world smaller and more efficient, this tag is unlikely to be aired out just once a year for a road trip to grandma’s in the station wagon.


Custom Lanyards Canada offers a huge range of options including embossed numbering, hole punching and even writable strips to make 100% sure there’s no scuffling over luggage if more than one of your chosen customers tags end up on the same flight!

Customize Some More!

We offer these tags in any shape and size you need. This means whatever you want and whatever your company is about, our knowledgeable sales staff and art department will make sure to work with you and deliver the exact custom luggage tag to suit your needs.

Save Money!

Custom Lanyards Canada offers a wholesale discount to resellers, and we also offer a low price guarantee to all customers, making this product and expanding your advertising ever more affordable.

So what are you waiting for? Choose Custom Lanyards Canada for custom branded travel tags today and watch them travel from our factory to your doorstep, then across the globe with your logo or company name written for the world to see!

Available Colors

Full colour digital CMYK photo print

Popular Addons

Plastic Card Options

Size Information

Standard Size: 60mm Diameter; Custom Sizes Available

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