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Bamboo Fibre Lanyards


Lanyards Guarantee

Minimum Order 50 Units

Now you can promote your business, company, or event with Bamboo lanyards. These bamboo lanyards are eco-friendly, making them perfect for companies that are environmentally conscious. They help the environment while providing a cost efficient way to promote your business or brand. Not only are eco-friendly products great for the conservation of our planet, but they’re also trending right now. Anything you associate your business with that’s trending will automatically draw people to your brand.

The truth is, most people are concerned about the environment these days, whether it’s trending or not. So associating your company with an eco-friendly product will leave a positive impression on people.


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Printed polyester lanyards are our most popular lanyard. They are available printed in up to 4 pantone colours and come standard with J hook fitting. We have several standard colours available. We can also match polyester lanyards to any colour. This keeps your lanyards in line with your corporate branding or logo colours.

Lanyard Fittings

Custom Printed Bamboo Fiber Lanyards At Low Prices

Bamboo is an incredibly durable and long lasting, eco-friendly material to use. In fact, the tension strength of bamboo is greater than the tension strength of steel. It also has natural anti- fungus and anti-bacterial qualities, which means there is no need for bacteria fighting chemicals during production. Bamboo material is long lasting, and soft to the touch. You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing worn out employee lanyards, and they won’t irritate the skin around your neck.

A lot of companies provide lanyards to their employees for keys, ID cards, badges, security cards, and more. Although bamboo lanyards are frequently used by all types of different businesses, they’re ideal for companies that sell eco-friendly products or services. They can also be handed out as free promotional gifts to clients, or even as small party favors. For example: If you’re throwing a baby shower, you can have the babies due date printed on the lanyards and hand them out to guests. The same thing can be done for bridal showers. We can customize each lanyard in your order with a company/business name, brand, logo, event name, phone number, website, (etc.).

We use pantone coloring on our bamboo lanyards, which creates vibrant, eye-catching colors that won’t fade. There are multiple colors available for you to choose from so you can create the color scheme that best suits your brand. Although you can get these lanyards dyed, undyed material is always better for the environment. So if you want your lanyards to be as eco-friendly as possible, you may want to choose the undyed option. The length and width of most of our lanyards can be customized as well. So if you would like to have the length and width altered, you can talk to one of our customer service representatives.

In addition to text, logo, and color customization, you can also customize the type of fitting that is attached to your lanyards as well. Some of the more traditional fittings that we carry include the trigger clip, the crocodile clip, and the split keyring. We also carry fittings that come with a small additional feature, like the camera/phone holder fitting, the adjustable bead, the whistle fitting, or the safety clips. So whether you need your employees to carry their company keys on the bamboo lanyards, or security ID’s, we have something that will be perfect for your business needs.

If you have certain employees that work in high risk aspects of your business, you can even have safety clips put on them as an additional feature. The whistle attachment is great for sports teams, school gym teachers or coaches, security guards, boot camps, and even camping trips. If your employees often have to take pictures or use their phones for business purposes, the camera/phone holder attachment is a great accessory to add to your order. The camera/phone holder attachment is also great to give to tour groups, and photography groups (or classes).

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with outstanding services, quality made products, and cost efficient prices. That’s why our products come with a price beat guarantee. If you happen to find these bamboo lanyards at a cheaper price anywhere else, we will lower our prices to beat the price of our competitors. Our highly trained team of designers will provide a virtual sample for you to look over before your order is shipped out. You can also choose to have your bamboo lanyards rush delivered to you, but conditions may apply.