Trying to discover a new way to reach customers at your next trade show? Whether you’re preparing for an exhibition or just stepping up your marketing game, you have to stand out. But sometimes innovation can seem out of reach. What can you do then? If you’re looking for the next unique way to stay fresh in your customers’ minds, a customized dog leash might be perfect for you.

Advantages of the Customized Dog Leash as a Promotional Product

Not sure if customized dog leashes are right for your business? Here’s why they might be a good fit:

It’s a Unique Idea

Pens, stress balls, t-shirts, paperweights–they’ve all been done before.

While popular, a customer can only get so many before they toss them aside and forget about them.

A customized dog leash, on the other hand, hasn’t flooded the market. It’s one of those items that’ll make your customers say, “Oh, that’s clever!” That translates to a more memorable interaction which hopefully leads to more sales.

It’ll Be Used

Some promotional products are all about flash over function. A paperweight might be beautiful, but unless you work on the deck of a ship, it probably won’t be used much.

As any marketer knows, the more a customer uses your branded product, the more exposure they get to your brand. According to the American Pet Products Association, an estimated $69 billion was spent in 2017 in the US alone on pet items.

With that many pet lovers, you know your customized dog leash will get plenty of use.

It Shows That You Know Your Clientele

One of the best ways to gain your customers’ favor is to show them that you “get” them. You understand what they’re looking for and how you can help them.

If you’re catering to a pet-friendly crowd, a branded dog leash can endear you to them in a heartbeat. In the same way, someone marketing their services to photographers can make an impression with a customized camera strap.

Whoever your customers are, know them and then show them.

It Capitalizes On an Effective Marketing Strategy

The reasons above are just icing on the cake. Even without the uniqueness of a branded leash, promotional products have a track record of success.

In a recent study by the Promotional Products Association International, 83% of consumers were more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promotional product.

Choosing a unique one like a customized leash just makes the strategy all the more effective.

Choosing Promotional Products Wisely

The stats above show branded products have the potential for a high ROI, but you have to do it right. Small items like pens can make an impact, but unique choices like dog leashes can take it to the next level.

Know your customer, cater to them, and let them know who you are.