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  • Material Width: 40mm (1-1/2in) neck strap,10mm (3/8in) adjustable straps
  • Material Length: Standard 1200mm (47-1/4in), custom lengths available
  • Included Fittings: (2) adjusters, (2) reinforced stitch leather patches
  • Printing: Screen print in any pantone colour, up to 5 colours per design (for designs more than 3 colours, we recommend upgrading to a dye sublimated strap)

These custom straps make great giveaways for a photography business or camera retail outlet. Switch out the standard camera straps with your own custom branded ones, or give customers a strap when they buy a camera that doesn't come with a one!

Custom Camera Straps

Why Should You Purchase Custom Camera Straps for Your Business?

Most of the time, the customers are going to be the ones choosing their own camera strap to replace the one given to them when they purchased the camera. However, it doesn't have to be this way and businesses can choose to purchase Custom camera straps that include their own business logo for a variety of reasons. This is a great opportunity for marketing and has quite a few potential uses for any business who wants to purchase them.

Switching Out the Generic Straps for Something Better

Companies that sell cameras know many of their customers aren't going to want to use the generic straps. While they might be great for a beginner, those who enjoy taking photos might look for something different. As a way to showcase their business, the company might consider giving away a custom strap that customers are more likely to use with every purchase instead of the generic straps that come with the cameras. Customers love getting things for free, so this can help boost the business in more ways than one.

Camera Straps for Media Access to Events

Photographers and photography companies may also benefit from custom straps. They can use these as a Printed camera lanyard so they can display their company name easily on their camera when they go to events. This helps let everyone at the event know who they represent and, in some cases, who to contact to discuss purchasing photographs from the event.

To Help Promote the Company at Events

At trade shows and other events, camera stores might want to be present and might want to give away something their potential customers will actually use and enjoy. When it's something the potential customer is going to use, it's more likely the potential customer will remember them when they need a new camera, lens, case, or anything else. If the company gives away custom straps, whether it's to every customer or as a special prize for a number of potential customers, they can get the word out about their company and give away something they know the potential customer will use.

Special Prizes for Larger Purchases or Contests

Some companies like to offer a free gift when a customer purchases a certain amount from their store. This is perfect for a marketing plan as it gets people in the door and encourages them to spend a certain amount so they can get the free item. They'll often have contests for the same reason and may give customers tickets to enter the contest once they spend a certain amount in the store. A Camera shop giveaway is likely to draw in a number of customers who want to win, and a custom strap is going to be an excellent prize to give away.

If you're a camera shop owner, it's important for you to check out the customization options for camera straps. Not only can you embed them with your business logo, but you can choose from a large variety of other options as well, including the length and width, to completely customize the camera straps. Once you've made your order, you can use them for a huge number of marketing plans to help you tell more potential customers about your business.

Included Fittings

(2) adjusters, (2) reinforced stitch leather patches.

Standard Widths

40mm (1-1/2in) neck strap,10mm (3/8in) adjustable straps

Standard Length

1200mm (47-1/4in) before being sewn. Custom lengths available.

In Stock Material Colours

Just choose from the options below and let us know which you would like in the notes section of our quote form.

Black 208C Rhodamine Red C 349C 281C 485C 2607C Purple C 300C Reflex Blue C 321C 021C White 297C Cool Gray 7C Cool Gray 3C 1895C 368C Yellow C Process Blue C

Please NOTE! Other material colours are available. However, a pantone dying fee may apply.

Additional Print & Material Colours

Browse our pantone chart for a full range of custom dyed pantone material and print colours.

Print & Material Colours