You must know that events bring many people together. But these events have adverse impacts on our environment. These events enhance the production of CO2 and other green house gases and you must know that these gases have harmful effects on our environment. For this reason in these days many event managers apply some climate friendly strategies that help them to reduce COemission.

It is seen that to organize a climate-friendly event, event managers should follow 4 steps and those are;

  1. Event carbon footprint measurement
  2. Applying effective strategies to reduce CO2 emission
  3. Measure your carbon impacts
  4. Communicate with environment friendly strategies

Let’s have a brief discussion about these four environment friendly event strategies.

1) Event carbon footprint measurement: event carbon footprint measurement is very necessary for those event managers who want to organize a climate friendly event. Since every event uses the different sources of energy so every event has the different carbon footprint.

2) Applying effective strategies to reduce CO2 emission: After measuring the event carbon footprint you can apply effective strategies that can reduce carbon emission. In this case, event manager should follow some strategies like;

Venue and guest room energy: Event manager should select green building for their guests. Normally, green buildings use renewable sources of energy. Thus, they can reduce carbon footprint of the event.

Apply environment-friendly lanyards: In this recent time, many business owners try to produce products that are good for our environment like earth friendly, recycled and eco lanyards. Event managers should use this kind of lanyards for the participants.

3) Measure your carbon impacts: In order to organize an environment-friendly event, you should hire a provider who can provide a carbon offset project and help to measure the carbon impacts properly.

4) Communicate with environment friendly strategies: Event managers should add the information of climate friendly strategies to their event websites, mobile application, registration system etc.

However, it is seen that without measurement of the carbon impacts by the professionals it is very difficult to know about the effective steps that can make an event climate friendly. Hope, these discussion will help you to get information about the carbon impacts of the event.