Branded giveaways and promotional products are an excellent way to grow your business. Promotional items tend to stick with people a lot longer than a business card.

Compared to email blasts, social media, and direct mail, branded giveaways can have a lasting impact.

Here are five tips for doing it right.

1. What to Give Away

Perhaps the first thing you should figure out when strategizing your promotional marketing plan, what you give away should, of course, have something to do with your brand, but there are specific items that tend to perform better than others and maximize the number of impressions overall.

Some of the top performing items include the following:

  • Pens and notepads
  • Clothing items–tees, sweatshirts, hats
  • Tote bags
  • Calendars
  • Food
  • Mugs
  • Water Bottles

All practical items–people like things they can eat, wear or use on a regular basis. Leave those branded stress balls or frisbees out of the equation– these items tend to collect dust and take up space.

2. Messaging is Everything

Marketing giveaways take some planning. Aside from deciding what to giveaway, you also need to get your messaging figured out.

Do you want a logo? A simple message? Will your address and phone number be printed on the item?

3. Buy for Your Audience

Buyers often opt for something eye-catching–though not necessarily practical.

Many buyers also focus more on a lower price. While we’re not advocating you blow your whole budget on mugs and totes, we do think considering quality can go a long way.

Do some research to learn more about the types of items that make sense for your crowd.

4. Consider Environmental Targeting

Environmental targeting doesn’t have anything to do with going green (though it wouldn’t hurt to do that, too). It actually means you give out promotional materials designed for use in the business environment.

Say your company makes food or beverage products. In that case, a branded tote bag can help potential buyers remember you when they enter a grocery store or head to the farmer’s market.

5. Avoid Short Shelf Life in Your Branded Giveaways

Okay, we did say that food is a top-performing item, but in most cases, it is wise to select items that will hang around for a long time. That said, something edible is often an excellent choice for gifts given around major holidays.

Oh, and shelf-life doesn’t just apply to food items. Sticky notepads tend to get used quite quickly. Instead look for things like pens, mousepads, or flash drives office items that can be used time and time again.

Where to Get the Best Giveaways

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