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Armband ID Straps


Lanyards Guarantee

These armband ID straps are perfect for work environments where lanyards aren’t a good fit, such as ambulance services, construction sites, and security guards, (etc.). However, they’re also occasionally used by businesses and corporate companies. Although armband ID straps are traditionally used for employees and staff, they’re also known to be given out as small promotional gifts. That’s because an armband strap is a gift that they can be used at work, as well as recreationally. For example, a lot of people carry their ID cards in an armband when they’re jogging, working out, going to a casino, and more. They can be used to hold ID cards, badges, credit cards, money, and more..

1. Portrait to fit 90 x 60mm insert.
2. Landscape to fit 60 x 90mm insert.
3. Portrait to fit 100 x 80mm insert.
4. Landscape to fit 80 x 100mm insert.
5. a6 Portrait to fit 148 x 105mm insert.
6. Square to fit 100 x 100mm insert.

Please consider the ID thickness you'll insert into the holder. You may need to allow for 1-2mm each side to compensate for thicker ID's or booklets.


Armband ID holders are unique, convenient, and they make great promotional gifts for customers, clients, employees, and staff. They’re ID holders that come attached to a strap that fits comfortably on the arm of the user. The strap is durable as well as comfortable, and the ID holder is made of heavy duty PVC material. The PVC material allows the holder and strap to conform to you, and sit comfortably on your arm. The color of the strap is black, and the actual ID holder is transparent and clear in color. Although we only have certain sizes kept in stock, you can contact us and request different sized armbands that will fit your employees better.

If you need your order of armband holders to get to you in a timely fashion, we can rush deliver them to you. However, if you choose to get them rush delivered, you’ll have to choose from our in stock card holder sizes, which include:

1. A portrait size to fit a 90 x 60mm insert.

2. A landscape to fit a 60 x 90mm insert.

3. A portrait to fit a 100 x 80mm insert.

4. A landscape to fit a 80 x 100mm insert.

5. A portrait size to fit a 148 x 105mm insert.

6. A square size to fit a 100 x 100mm insert.

When you’re placing your order it is imperative that you take the thickness of the ID that you will be inserting into the holder into consideration. It’s important that the armband ID holders that you order are the correct size. Otherwise, your employees won’t be able to use them, and you will end up needlessly wasting money. You should allow 1-2mm more on each side to compensate for thicker ID's, booklets, or badges.

The arm strap ID holders are extremely durable and cost efficient. They will always stay in place, even on days that are more hectic than usual, and they offer a convenient alternative to lanyards. Although lanyards can be a good fit for certain situations, the armband straps are less likely to get lost. Your employees will never have to worry about them sliding off or getting caught in something. Armbands are also less likely to be taken off during a break and accidentally forgotten about. The straps fit securely around the arm, but are comfortable enough to wear all day without circulation issues. These armbands allow regulation work IDs to be clearly visible, but they are also protected behind the plastic holder. So if it starts to rain the ID card will stay dry and undamaged.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to make sure that all of our clients are 100 percent satisfied with our products, services, and our prices. That’s why our ID card arm straps come with a price beat guarantee. That means we will lower our prices if you happen to find these arm straps at a cheaper price somewhere else. We also have a highly qualified team of designers that will create a virtual sample of your order and send it to you for approval, before your order is shipped out.

Please keep in mind, if you choose to have your armband ID holders rush delivered to you, conditions will apply. Your customization options may be limited, and additional fees may apply as well. If you’re having trouble judging what size holders will be a good fit for your company cards, you can contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you figure out the right fit for your company cards. We also offer free online quotes that you will receive within 30 minutes.