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Open Face Identification Holder

Lanyards Guarantee

Minimum Order: 50 units

Open face edge ID holders are a fantastic solution for ID display that needs to be interchanged or remain unbent and sturdy throughout its lifetime. Hanging as a landscape orientation and suitable for all our standard lanyard clips, this practical but affordable product by Custom Lanyards Canada is a great option for displaying ID for any company. Get in touch with us for a free quote and learn about our highly competitive pricing today!


Our open fronted identification holders are brilliant for securing your event or function. They have an open face which is good for quickly removing the ID and interchanging for different staff, this makes them a reusable solution which helps to cut costs as you don't need to re-purchase for every individual event hosted. The whole point of these identification holders is that they provide a convenient way of carrying staff credentials or access credentials and they do this perfectly when combined with our lanyards or retractable badge reels.


Recommended Fittings

Suits lan01 and lan02 crocodile fittings, as well as all of our standard lanyard clips.

Available Colors

Colours available

Clear only, frosted translucent plastic.

Size Information

Suited Card Size

88 x 54mm standard business card or credit card. Hangs as landscape orientation.

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