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Flat Nylon Lanyards

  • Buy 100 for $1.99 each and save 34%
  • Buy 250 for $1.49 each and save 51%
  • Buy 500 for $1.19 each and save 61%
  • Buy 1000 for $1.12 each and save 63%
  • Buy 2500 for $0.98 each and save 68%
  • Buy 5000 for $0.92 each and save 70%
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Lanyards Guarantee

  • Material Widths: 10mm (3/8in), 15mm (5/8in), 20mm (3/4in), 25mm (1in)

  • Material Length: Standard 900mm (36in), custom lengths available

  • Included Fittings: Safety release clip and your choice of... dog clip, metal/plastic crocodile clip (swivel or non-swivel), trigger clip, or split ring

  • Printing: Screen print in any pantone colour, up to 5 colours per design (for designs more than 3 colours, we recommend our dye sublimated option)

  • Printed nylon lanyards have a high lustre finish and a high level of strength due to the tightly woven material. Printing of complex designs is also easier on nylon because of the tighter weave

Minimum Order: 50 units


Nylon lanyards are comfortable and stylish gift or promotional product that your company’s team is sure to love. Available in several bright colours, you can have the company logo printed on the sleek fabric to promote your brand with pride. Customized lanyards provide many perks, the most notable being an easy method of carrying ID for staff. They can also be used to hold other essential items, and make displaying company branding simple. You won’t regret choosing this affordable and attractive option to provide team members with a product they will actually use.

What Makes Printed Nylon Lanyards A Great Choice?

If you're looking for a notable gift that will serve your business in a lot of ways, nylon lanyards are the way to go. Firstly, they can earn you a respectable reputation with other companies, and serve as a well-planned marketing move. Being very practical and helpful in the everyday life of recipients, lanyards will be around their neck in a lot of different situations, serving as a constant reminder of your brand. In some occasions, lanyards will also be publicly presented to others.

Nylon lanyards are an excellent alternative to polyester lanyards, the most common type. These lanyards may be worn almost everywhere — from important meetings, as a holder of the recipients’ ID cards or company badges, to private travels, when they can secure the recipients’ documents, cameras or mobile phones. Nylon has a premium high lustre finish, which means that your logo will be presented very clearly. Screen printing is available in up to 4 colours, and the lanyard material comes in a large range of standard colours. Pantone colour matching is also available. In addition to a wide colour choice, you can choose from an assortment of widths (1/2", 2/3", 3/4", 1" (10, 15, 20 & 25mm). Our standard length is 900mm before being sewn, but custom lengths are also available.

All nylon lanyards are washable and if machine washed should only be done so with cold water and a conservative amount of cleaning product.

Flat nylon lanyards are a sleek and stylish way to display your company logo without reducing staff comfort. Display your staffs’ ID with ease with this simple, highly affordable option. Made from durable material this product will go the distance and our range of 15+ colours help make your product even more customizable and noticeable than before. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and help promote organization and efficiency in your company with one simple, useful purchase!


Fittings Guide

Lanyard Fittings

Available Colors

In Stock Material Colours

Please NOTE! Other material colours are available. However a pantone dying fee may apply.

Lanyard Stock Colours

Additional Print & Material Colours

Browse our pantone chart for a full range of custom dyed pantone material and print colours.

Print & Material Colours

Popular Addons

Popular addons and extras

Lanyards are not just for promotional purpose they serve to secure and protect your restricted areas and VIP areas. The below items are all designed to attach to our full range of lanyards. These identification carrying solutions and printed ID options are perfect for conferences and events where security is critical.

ID Assembly Service Card Holders & Pouches Plastic Cards & Passes Retractable Badge Reels

Size Information

Material Widths Available

10 mm (3/8 in), 15 mm (5/8 in), 20 mm (3/4 in), 25 mm (1 in) available

Standard Length

900mm before being sewn. Custom lengths available.

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