Whether it’s a school, business, or a convention, every event manager has to know who’s attending and gather their information. Custom name badges are essential.

Now they could waste time and ask everyone individually, or they could give them a name badge. Badges help start the conversation. Need to know someone’s name? Look at their badge. Need to know their position in the company? Check the badge.

And it doesn’t stop there.

With today’s flexibility, you can choose your design, color, and material to personalize the badges.

Custom name badges work great for corporate events as they set your team apart from the rest. Interested? Well, keep reading for more on custom badges.

1. Choose Your Design

Why opt for off-the-shelf or pre-made badges when you can design your own? Online tools can allow you to customize pre-designed templates, or you can create your own from scratch.

It gives you the flexibility of choosing everything from shape to color to font size. When selecting the size, don’t make the badges too small or too large. A typical badge size should be about four inches by three inches. You can try a few dimensions to see how they work.

You should also take into account those people with long names and long job titles.

2. Material Matters

If you want to use badges for multiple events or employee identification, durability is critical. Typically, you want to opt for ABS plastic. It has that durability and looks professional, too. They also have a bright shine that makes them easily noticeable.

You can also go for self-adhesive badges, which stick to your clothes’ fabric without curling up or falling off. But they have limited use, often one-time only. There are also metal and glass materials, perfect for engraved badges.

With a variety of materials for your custom name badges, you can choose the one that will suit your design well.

3. User Information

The sole purpose of name badges is to show and share user information. You have to pay attention to the font type and font size. If you have an employee with a long name or title, pick a font that won’t distort it.

The badge shouldn’t just show the user’s first and last names. Right under the name should be their job title too. This information helps other attendees locate people easily. Also, it helps like-minded employees connect faster with one another during conventions.

If you use barcodes or QR codes to share user information, make sure you can scan them through the protectors.

Custom Name Badges – The Takeaway

Your team doesn’t need to look like other teams in the room. Custom badges offer different decoration, including printing, laser engraving, stamping & ink fill, and etching to ensure originality in design. You can pick virtually any color you want for your badges.

If you have questions or you need to learn more about custom name badges, just reach out to us for further help.