Best Prices Ever on Wholesale Lanyards, 5 Day Rush Available

We can't be outdone when it comes to wholesale custom printed lanyards and ID accessories. With a massive production capability and a dedicated factory that will stop at nothing to produce your urgent order – we dare you to put us to the test. Our ID lanyards can help to secure an event or expo and they also serve as a promotional item or an excellent giveaway gift for clients and staff too. We won't be beaten on service with our free artwork design and 5 day rush options! Browse our lanyard styles below and just give us a call or email for further information and your personalized pricing!

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We Can't Be Beaten on Wholesale Lanyards

For wholesale lanyards, {{config path="general/store_information/name"}} pulls out all the stops to ensure you get the highest quality goods at the best possible price. We have an in-house design team, and a dedicated manufacturing facility capable of producing tens-of-thousands of units daily, so we're able to cope with all kinds of orders on even the shortest of time-frames. We don’t rely on middlemen, meaning that not only do you have zero outsourced production costs, but you can trust us to be responsible for every measure of quality.

About Our Lanyards

All designs have enough space to fit your logo, web address, and contact information. They can be customized with a huge range of clips and fittings, with over a dozen different solid colours readily available, as well as the ability to create new colours so you can pick the design that best fits the brand. We regularly manufacture in four different widths, but this can be further customized for bulk orders.

Quality & Affordability

Flat polyester and tube polyester lanyards make up some of the most cost-effective products in our line-up. With all of our colours to choose from, they are made with a ribbed, matte finish material that’s perfect for distinct prints of large digital images and semi-complex logo designs without the need for photographic printing or dye sublimation.

Nail That Executive Look

Both these options are designed for those who want to impress those all-important clients and need lanyards that help maintain the executive image. Satin applique lanyards have a satin strip sewn over them which can be dye sublimated to further match the branding style, as well as printed with higher quality graphics and images. Executive woven has a thicker, textured base, with your branding and message woven directly into the fabric instead of printed on, give it more depth and longevity.

More Options to Better Fit Your Brand

If you want a distinct texture and look to help you stand out all the more, whether at a meeting or in a conference space, then there are even plant silk and bamboo fibre lanyards among our options. These natural materials can be perfect for the brand that has a green image to maintain, besides offering their own unique look and feel, all of them perfect for printing on.

Versatile Lanyards For a Wide Variety of Needs

There are products that can suit a variety of purposes, as well. For a more compact design, we have wrist strap lanyards and cara strap lanyards. Our promotional luggage straps can ensure that you’re taking the brand with you wherever you go, too. Besides the advertising potential, our lanyards can be used to hold employee IDs, name tags, key cards, and badges, making them just as useful for security and verification purposes.

We offer free artwork design with every sale and 5-day rush options, so you can start benefiting from our high-quality, cost-effective lanyards immediately. Put us to the test and browse our lanyard designs. You can call us or email us any time to learn more about the details and pricing.