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Overnight Lanyards in Stock, 10+ Colors Available - Order Now

Lanyards are used by a variety of companies for their employees to hold ID cards or security keys. They're also given away as small promotional gifts at events or meetings. Although businesses often want to have their lanyards made with a company name or logo on them, that’s not always the case. It’s not feasible for some businesses to have a customized design. If however, your preferred option is custom printed, then check our range of printed lanyards

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Why Choose Overnight Delivery?

Some people work with various different companies, and events all year round. Spending money on customized lanyards for every company you work with wouldn’t be worth it. These standard, overnight lanyards and card holders are much more cost effective for businesses like these. If you need lanyards and card holders as quickly as possible, we can have these delivered to you by the next day.

How to Order the Right Ones

Some businesses need to have a lanyard available for each employee, but simply don't need or want the company name or logo on them. Overnight lanyards would be a perfect fit for businesses like these as well. Not only will these businesses save money and get what they need, but they’ll also receive their delivery overnight. There are also businesses that don’t like to brand their lanyards and card holders for security purposes. For example, a security company that works for celebrities or government officials will not want a sign on them advertising who they are working for.

If you are specifically ordering these lanyards because you need them as soon as possible, you should be sure to get your order in before 1 pm. If you don’t get you order in by one o’ clock PM, we can’t guarantee that your order will make to you by the next day. You’re also going to want to decide what colors you want your lanyards to be. Your order can all be one color, or you can select a sample of different colors to help you determine what will be best in the future. For instance, you may want a color that matches the clothing your employees need to wear for work. If you work in a “dress casual” environment, black or white may be a more appropriate color for your company. They are neutral colors that will look professional no matter what.

Although these lanyards can be shipped overnight, they do not automatically come with accessories. So if you need certain accessories with your order of lanyards, you may want to speak to a customer service representative. Card holders are the accessory that’s commonly ordered with these lanyards. Businesses often use these lanyards to hold IDs, badges, or passes. So when a rush order of lanyards is needed, overnight card holders are usually needed as well.

Think About the Accessories

Businesses and companies that order overnight lanyards, usually order the PVC card holders as well. Employees can use the card holders to keep a security card, ID or key safe at all times. PVC card holders will attach securely to these lanyards, and allow your employees to easily access their company cards. These particular card holders can be shipped to your company overnight as well. As long as you don't require any customization done to your order of card holders, they will arrive at your door the very next day.

Any Questions or Concerns

If you aren’t quite sure what types of lanyards you need, or if you need help with an order, there is a form you can fill out on our website. You can also email or call us and we will be happy to help you personalize your order. In most cases, wewill be able to get back to you quickly, so we can help you select the right product within your time frame.

A lanyard can be an incredibly helpful accessory in a variety of situations. If you need an additional security accessory for your business, are in a time crunch, or work in a diverse business, our overnight lanyards are the best option for you. It's easy for you to select the colors you need, and they’ll be delivered to you the next day at your earliest convenience. We will help your order get to you as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success. We are guaranteed to have the lowest prices around. If you find lanyards like these at a lower price, we will drop our prices to beat our competitors. We also provide virtual samples that will be sent to you for approval before your order goes into production. If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can change whatever you’d like. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. We also provide an online quote for people that need a price range before they order. You will receive a quote 30 minutes after you request it.

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