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Medical & Hospital Staff Lanyards

In the medical field, it's important to keep your hands free, while having everything easily accessible to you. Although some uniform shirts may have pockets, it's not convenient enough for doctors or nurses. Doctors and nurses normally have to keep their IDs visible for security purposes as well. So keeping an ID card in a pocket can also violate regulation. It's important for patients and staff to easily see what department doctors are apart of. Throwing an employee ID card in your pocket can also lead to damages and loss.

In cases like these, a lanyard is the most convenient option for doctors and nurses to carry their credentials around. Lanyards will keep your cards safe and in the open for everyone to see.They’re also easily accessible to your employees so they can easily take their cards in and out. However, when you’re in the medical field it’s important to make sure you’re ordering lanyards that are appropriate for your environment.

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Options Available for a Lanyard

Lanyards come with a variety of options. There are very few lanyards that are specifically made for people in the medical field. These lanyards come equipped with a quick release option. They can easily pop open if they become tangled on a piece of equipment or stuck on something during a medical emergency. Once released, they're easy to untangle and snap back together so they can once again be put securely over the person's neck. They’re also adjustable, so they can hang as low or as high as you’d like. The adjustment feature also adds some security because it cuts down on your chances of getting them caught in something at the wrong time.

Customization for All Employees

If a clinic or hospital is interested in ordering a lanyard for each of their employees, they might want to look into custom lanyards. They come with all of the features that have been listed, and they’re easy for people in the medical field to use. The only difference with customized hospital lanyards is that they are branded with the hospitals name or logo. They come in a variety of colors and can be completely customized so that the name or logo matches perfectly. Branded lanyards are considered to be more professional, and they also provide a subtle promotional boost. Branded lanyards are often given to employees to use as part of their uniforms.

How to Order a Lanyard for Everyone

Purchasing Lanyards and ID accessories can be a great way for a clinic or hospital to ensure their employees have an easy way to easily store their ID, security keys, and other items they'll need frequently throughout the day. We also carry accessories that can carry small notepads and pens that can be easily accessible. A notepad and pen that can easily be accessed can come in handy with doctors and nurses. Most of our accessories can be completely customized with a clinic name or logo as well.

We also offer a wide range of different fittings that you can choose from. Some of the more traditional fittings that we carry include the crocodile clip, the trigger clip, the split key ring, and the dog clip. The more unique fittings that we offer include the whistle fitting, the adjuster bead, the ski pass holder, short release clips, and more. Retractable pulleys are also available for lanyard fittings. Hospitals and clinics often use traditional clips, like the crocodile clip. However, it is also common for adjuster beads to be added as well. Adjuster beads allow doctors and nurses to adjust the length of their lanyard on a moment’s notice.

When you purchase hospital lanyards, you should determine which fittings, accessories and colors will be right for your particular clinic. Look through the colors carefully to ensure a precise match with the name or logo of the hospital. This will help you avoid mistakes that can cost you money. We also provide a simple form that you can fill out on our website that will help you create a lanyard that’s right for you.

In addition to the form, you can also call or e-mail us for assistance with your order. If you have any questions about your order, you can get personalized help from one of our representatives. We also offer free online quotes that can be sent to you within 30 minutes. We want to make this process as simple and quick as possible for you. There is a rush delivery service available, but conditions may apply and customization options may be limited.

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