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Big Range of ID Accessories & Identification Products

Our ID Card Holders and Identification Accessories are used in a variety of business settings as a way to carry security clearance cards, IDs, security keys, and more. They can also be used as a gift for event attendees to showcase a business name and logo and to ensure that potential customers know they're appreciated. If you need a badge carrying solution then be sure to check out the variety of accessories we have available and listed below.

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Armband Straps

In some cases, a lanyard might be easily snagged or caught when a person is working. Instead, a company might look into armband straps that can be used when the lanyard isn't feasible. These easily strap around just about any arm size and stay tucked out of the way yet are easy to see. They're perfect for holding IDs or name tags.

Membership Cards

If a company is holding an event and they want customers to sign up for their email list, they might include a membership card that offers the person special discounts for signing up. Membership cards can easily be printed with the company name and logo and used for a variety of special discounts as determined by the business.

Custom Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can be given away at events just like the Lanyards. A business can have them custom printed with their name, logo, and color of choice and present them to every potential customer. This helps to create brand awareness and remind the customer of the business every time they pack to go out of town.

Card Holders

A variety of different card holders are available and the business can choose the one that meets their own needs. Four of the most commonly purchased types of card holders include the following.

  • Colored Closed Face Holders - These can be attached to a lanyard or simply placed in a person's pocket. They hold ID cards about the size of a credit card and help keep the card from being broken.
  • Open Face Holders - Similar to the above, these are made to fit onto lanyards and can help keep an ID or security card safe. They have an open front, however, to make it easier to scan or view the ID.
  • Leather Holders - Made of leather and a clear front, these are a stylish accessory that can add a little extra fashion and professionalism to a lanyard and can be used to carry and IDs or cards about the size of a business card or credit card.
  • Clear Rigid Holders - These are less sturdy than the above holders, but they still connect to a lanyard and can help protect ID cards and security keys from scratches or similar damage.

Carabina Pullers

These attach easily to a person's shirt or pants and hold any size ID. They make fantastic ID accessories because they hold the ID close to a person's body where it won't be in the way, yet allow for the ID or other card to be pulled out so a person can use a key to open a locked door or show their ID to a security guard to gain entry into a building or room.

When a business needs to purchase Printed Lanyards, they can consider a variety of different accessories as well. Then, they'll need to choose the customization for each of their products to ensure they purchase exactly what they want. Everything will be printed and shipped quickly to ensure it reaches their door as fast as possible.

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