Think of all the trade shows and conferences you've been to where you got a special lanyard to hold your pass or as a nice freebie. It may be something you're used to if you got a lot of events every year, but, company lanyards are anything but average.

Custom lanyards are a great way to stand out among competitors and get the attention of potential new clients. They're a fun way to approach marketing, a low-cost tool, and an easy item to get in the hands of others.

Investing in lanyards shows you care. It says you know how to pay attention to every little detail and that you cover all your bases to create a job well done. When you hand out lanyards, you're saying all this and more.

Here's what you're giving your audience when you hand out promotional lanyards.

1. A Personal Touch

Regardless of the industry you're in, every customer wants to feel heard and valued. They need to know you're thinking about them and that you're ready to offer the best services possible. Well, every good service has a personal touch to it.

This may be because of the top-notch customer service you offer or the customizable packages available to meet each client's specific needs. Whichever way you create a personalized approach, you can showcase that with a marketing lanyard.

2. A Memorable Experience

A personalized approach is much easier to remember than an average marketing campaign. People have become numb to ads. They barely pay attention to commercials anymore and know how to use ad-blockers when browsing the web.

You need something that stands out to get their attention, and brand lanyards help you do that. Every lanyard you hand out creates a special moment in someone's mind. It helps them remember the sales rep they shook hands with at a trade show or the awesome customer service they had when adjusting their order.

3. Something Useful

People only buy the products and services they need. They go out to eat because they don't want to cook dinner, they outsource business functions because they don't have the manpower to do it themselves, and they call on specialists to do everything from fixing a leak to do their taxes.

That's how supply and demand works, but sometimes, customers don't realize what they need. Such is the case with a lanyard. People rarely go out and buy a lanyard for themselves, yet they always find a use for it when you give them one.

This makes you even more valuable in their eyes. Not only is your business providing a service to them, but your promotional products are filling needs they didn't even know they had! That's huge for a consumer, and it does wonders for you.

Get Your Own Company Lanyards

When you realize how to provide users with the best value in all aspects of your business, everything changes. Instead of focusing on product research and sales numbers alone, you start to realize the value of innovative marketing and custom promotional items like company lanyards.

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