Almost every type of convention around the world uses lanyards.

Why is that?

They’re easy to carry, they can market your brand, and they will normally attach to a badge with your name and photo.

However, not all lanyards are made the same. They can come in a variety of materials, which have their own unique benefits.

Two of the most common materials are polyester and nylon.

Keep reading to see who wins between polyester vs nylon.

What is Polyester

It’s important to first know what these materials are before diving into which is better.

Polyester is a man-made fabric, or synthetic material. This means it is not a naturally occurring fabric, like wool, silk, or cotton.

Polyester is wrinkle-, stretch-, and stain-resistant. It is lightweight and can be easily dyed. The color of dyed polyester is long lasting.

For being so lightweight, polyester is also quite strong as a material, which makes it a prime choice for most any type of apparel.

What is Nylon

Nylon is also a man-made fabric, or synthetic material, just like polyester.

Nylon is also lightweight, but the fabric is stronger than polyester. It is also generally a softer fabric. Wrinkle-, stretch-, and stain-resistance are also properties of nylon. Nylon can also be dyed, but it’s not as easy as polyester.

Although Nylon is quite commonly found in apparel, it is not as widespread as polyester.

Polyester vs Nylon: Which is Better?

Honestly, there is no clear winner between the two materials, especially when considering them for use as lanyards.

Polyester lanyards are the most popular choice because they last longer, but nylon lanyards can be very eye-catching with their lustrous finish.

If your budget is a concern, then polyester lanyards might be the best option since they will be a cheaper option compared to nylon.

What will be the main use of your lanyards?

If you’re supplying hundreds of lanyards for a one-time use, like getting into a convention, then nylon may be the way to go. It isn’t as durable as polyester, but it will make for a bright and shiny souvenir for everyone that’s attending.

If you’re supplying hundreds of employees lanyards for their work badges it may make more sense to go with polyester because you want something that will last a long time. You don’t want to be replacing badges more than is needed.

Possible Scenarios and Best Choice

Large Convention

Polyester for quantity and durability. Nylon for flashier marketing.

Family Gathering

Polyester for quantity and durability. Nylon for a special keepsake.

Company Badges

Polyester for quantity and durability.

Choose Your Lanyard

Seeing as there is no clear winner for all situations, you’ll have to decide for your own situation who the winner is between polyester vs nylon lanyards.

Generally, polyester will last longer and nylon will be softer and more lustrous.

Which one will work best for you?

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