The more publicity your business gets, the more likely your bottom line will climb. One of the easiest ways of putting your business name in front of potential customers is the use of custom lanyards.

A custom lanyard is an often overlooked marketing tool for promoting your brand or message. However, they have proved to be effective time and time again in today’s competitive business world.

Still not sure whether you should incorporate lanyards into your business’s marketing strategy? We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to using custom lanyards.

Let’s get started!

Why Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards offer a wide range of benefits for your company.

For starters, they can help to strengthen your brand’s identity. If you make your employees wear them–especially your sales staff–your brand’s identity has a higher chance of sticking in a customer’s memory.

Lanyards can also make your company more visible when you wear them out in public.

Another perk of promotional lanyards? They make great gifts to give out to your customers.

Consumers naturally like free items. Giving out complimentary lanyards will quickly make them feel appreciated.

Plus, lanyards will keep your company name and contact information right at your customers’ fingertips.

You couldn’t ask for a more convenient, affordable and easy-to-use marketing tool in 2018.

Cord Material

Your lanyard cord material is an important consideration when purchasing custom lanyards. For instance, polyester, nylon, and plant silk lanyards are all available depending on your needs and personal preference.

The majority of companies use polyester lanyards since it has high durability.

However, if you want your lanyards to feature a high luster finish, go with nylon. Meanwhile, plant silk lanyards are the way to go if you’re looking for something more eco-friendly.

The Language on the Cord

What’s the use of a lanyard if it has nothing to say?

If you plan to give your cords out at a convention, include your company’s contact information on them.

Meanwhile, if your staff uses them, add a slogan or motivational phrase to get them going. Trust us: something as simple as motivation can help boost your staff’s morale long term.

Size of the Cord

Another critical cord-related consideration is whether you prefer a staff cord that goes around the neck or one that goes around the wrist.

A wrist cord is particularly handy for carrying around work IDs, reward cards, security passes, and badges, for example.

Wrist lanyards are also convenient if you enjoy running but don’t want a lanyard slapping you in the face as you pound the pavement.

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