Have you ever found yourself curious about the use of lanyards for your company or special event?

They’re simple, convenient, and affordable tools that can be used for more than you think.

We’ve compiled a list of possibilities for all your future lanyard endeavors.

Unconventional Use of Lanyards


If you find yourself in a boat, you’re going to need a special tool to secure items like water bottles and paddles into place. Lanyards can be used to quickly tie down any light-weight objects.


Just like with boating, campers may need lanyards to help secure items. They can even be used for hanging canoes or cooling wine bottles in a river during a romantic getaway.


Lanyards aren’t just used as tools anymore. Some have used them for self-expression.

You can now buy lanyard straps with beads and leathers – even logos of your favorite movies.

In the Home

Everyone has been in a situation in which they can’t find a specific item anywhere in the house. Lanyards can be used to hang keys and other small items all in one place.

In the D.I.Y. age, everyone seems to be prepared for their next home project. You can keep useful tools around your neck at all times with your trusty lanyard.

Law Enforcement

Government officials are required to quickly identify themselves when needed. For public safety, it is also advised that such officials can be noticed amidst a crisis.

Having a badge secured around your neck or other easily accessible areas creates a safer space for yourself and private citizens.


These days, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in travel. Things can get messy if you don’t have a proper organization method.

With the use of a lanyard, you can keep items like your passport, license, and hotel key around your neck at all times. It helps keep your personal information safe.

Practical Use of Lanyards

Concerts & Festivals

During events that can be as chaotic as concerts and festivals, the use of lanyards is a necessity to keep track of who has access to certain areas.

Without lanyards, there is a massive safety risk.


Any major, well-organized event will require all guests to have a lanyard and name tag. It helps attendees find who they’re looking for at a quick glance.

Just like with concerts and festivals, it can help with security as well. You’ll need a lanyard holding your name tag to access the event.

Trade Shows

A few times a year, various industries hold large exhibitions of the latest products, services, and trends. In a building packed with vendors and hundreds of guests, lanyards with name tags become a high priority.

Lanyards can also be used to share important information about yourself and who you’re affiliated with.

How Do You Use Lanyards?

These nifty tools can be used as fashion statements, camping accessories, and safety reassurance. In what ways would they be useful in your life?

Did you know lanyards can be accompanied by a retractable cord? These are especially useful for security purposes.

Don’t forget to use lanyards during your next company-sponsored giveaway.