Dog owners love to spoil their pets — to the tune of over $60 million USD each year, as a matter of fact! Much of that money goes to put food in Fido’s bowl, while some is earmarked for veterinary care, boarding, clothing and accessories, and toys.

It’s not just indulgent dog moms and dads, however, who are purchasing customized dog leads for their furry friends. Let’s take a look at why personalized leads are far superior to their ordinary, off-the-shelf counterparts.

Custom Dog Leads Offer Extra Security

You don’t ever plan to drop your dog’s leash, but it can happen nonetheless. Especially if your dog loves to run, explore, and feel the wind in his fur, he might bolt given half an opportunity.

If this happens, a personalized lead is much more helpful than just a set of collar tags. Why? Well, for one thing, the information on the leash is easier to see from a distance.

Some dogs are skittish around humans with whom they’re not familiar. Others may simply be too busy sniffing everything in their immediate environment to pay much attention to would-be rescuers. This means that no one will be able to get close enough to the dog to read the tiny print on a dog tag.

Information that is printed directly on dog leads is easier to read, even if the reader can’t get close to your pup. Customized leads give you peace of mind — if your dog becomes lost, there’s a far greater chance of finding him again with a personalized lead.

Room for More Information

Another reason that personalized leads are superior to personalized tags or collars? They offer more room, which lets you include more information!

Tags are generally small, which means that you can only have a name and phone number engraved on them. On a lead, you can include the dog’s name and your name and contact information. You can also add any medical or behavioral information about your dog that might be beneficial to others in the event that they find your furry friend.

Custom Dog Leads Are Great at Doggy Daycare

How many times have you gone to fetch your pup from doggy daycare or a kennel, only to find that his leash has disappeared? It’s easy for dog owners to mistake a plain leash for their own — especially with an excited dog clamoring for their attention!

Personalized dog leads make such mishaps virtually impossible. They are also appreciated by dog walkers, who might have half a dozen or more leashes to keep track of.

Ready to Shop for Custom Dog Leads?

Custom Lanyards Canada offers a wide variety of durable, high-quality leashes. There are several different clip options from which to choose, and we can print any Pantone color. Coordinate the leash with your dog’s beautiful markings, or make it brightly colored for visibility.

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