Whether you’re planning a non-profit fundraising event or the next corporate convention, it can be hard to think of the perfect promotional product and gifts to welcome people. Lanyards are perfect for such occasions because they’re useful, cost-effective to make in large batches, and they’re useful to the receivers. Here are some things that can you help when looking for a lanyard designer.

Finding the Best Lanyard Designer for You

There are hundreds of companies that want to do business with you, so it’s up to you do research on them. Some of the best ways to find a lanyard designer for your projects are:

  • Word of mouth
  • Online reviews
  • Apps with business lists
  • Website databases

84 percent of adults look at reviews as much as they listen to word of mouth because of how effective they are.

What is the Quality of their Product?

It’s tempting to want to settle for the least expensive designer you find, but what does that say about the product?

Looking at the quality of the product the designer provides is important because you don’t want the items you buy to break or unravel the second you get them back.

Know their Printing Methods

There are a lot of ways to print out the project you’re wanting, and you should have a good idea of what they do, and don’t provide before you head to the designer.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a method where they use a hot press that contains an element that warms up the type that will be pressed. The pressing engages the ink against the material, and then when it’s lifted, there is a metallic or foil imprint impression left.

This type of printing is best for short-term project dates such as conventions and fund-raisers.

Screen Printing

Screen printed products might take longer to produce than hot stamping, but they can be made in more varieties.

This method offers more flexibility in design, color, and font as well as quality. Screen printing is the way the to go if you want to offer a more creative promotional product at your event.

Do they Seem Reliable?

Your project is important to you, so it will need to be important to them as well.

You’ll need to feel comfortable in the fact that they were reliable, not only in that they could get you the product in time, but that it would be a quality product as well.

Reliability can come in many forms. Did they seem trustworthy in their speech? Were they overconfident or speak over you? You shouldn’t have to settle for a designer that is less than trustworthy.

Products for All of Your Events

There are a variety of products you can get from a lanyard designer that will benefit any event or need you may have.

At Custom Lanyards Canada, we provide things such as custom names badges, card holders, and much more. You can visit our website to see more office and ID products or contact us for information about your own custom lanyards!