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Overnight Lanyards

Overnight Lanyards in Stock, 10+ Colors Available - Order Now

Lanyards are used by a variety of companies for their employees to use to hold ID cards or security keys. They're also given away as promotions at events or used in a variety of other situations. Often, a business is going to want to have them shipped with the company name or logo included, but not always. If they don't need a custom design, the company can order a variety of colors and have them arrive overnight. If however, your preferred option is custom printed, then check our range of printed lanyards

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    In some cases, unprinted lanyards are a better purchase than printed lanyards. Although printed lanyards are great promotional items, it doesn’t make sense to purchase something, or pay extra for something you don’t really need. Plain color lanyards are great for concerts, conferences, parties, and events that aren’t going to be a year round function. Learn More
  2. In Stock PVC Card Holders-20

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    Price Beat Guarantee

    These PVC make card holders provide you with a smart alternative to carry ID cards.

    Available in the below mentioned 6 standard sizes, these card holders are customizable and can be manufactured in any size you require. Either use these card holders with a lanyard or hang them on your belt, keep your ID cards secure and safe and you need not worry about losing them!

    Standard Sizes Available
    1. Portrait to fit 90 x 60mm insert.
    2. Landscape to fit 60 x 90mm insert.
    3. Portrait to fit 100 x 80mm insert.
    4. Landscape to fit 80 x 100mm insert.
    5. a6 Portrait to fit 148 x 105mm insert.
    6. Square to fit 100 x 100mm insert.

    Learn More

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Why Choose Overnight Delivery?

If a business wants to have a lanyard available for each employee, but they don't need or want the company name or logo on it, they do have the option of having them shipped overnight. This can be important if they need them quickly. In some cases, they'll want them shipped overnight so they can arrive in time for an employee event or for a trade show to give as gifts to people who stop by their booth. These are not Custom Lanyards, but that might be perfect if a company needs some without any markings for security purposes.

How to Order the Right Ones

The business should take a look at all of their options online and choose a company that offers overnight service. They'll want to be sure to get in their order before 1 pm to ensure it arrives the next day. They're also going to want to decide what colors they want. They might want to choose all of one color or select a sample of different colors, depending on what they need and what their employees want. For instance, if they want a uniform look that matches the clothing their employees need to wear, they can purchase a single color. They can always opt for black or white as well to be sure they will match any outfit.

Think About the Accessories

Our Lanyards that can be shipped overnight do not come with accessories automatically. A business might want to look into ID accessories like PVC card holders their employees can use to keep a security card, ID or key safe at all times. These holders will attach securely to the lanyard and will be easy for the person to access at any time. These can be shipped overnight as well as long as they don't require any customization so a company can order one and have it arrive at their door the next day.

Any Questions or Concerns

If a business owner isn't sure what they need or they need help with their order, they can look on the page to find a form they can fill out for more information. They can also email the company or call them to get personalized help whether they want to purchase Printed Lanyards or the plain overnight lanyards. In most cases, the company will be able to get back to them quickly and help them select the right product for their needs.

A lanyard can be an incredibly helpful accessory in a variety of situations. If a business needs to make their purchase and have it arrive as quickly as possible, they can opt for overnight services. If they need additional security and don't want their name on the lanyard, this is an option as well. It's easy for them to select the colors they need and have them delivered to their business the next day.