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ID Card Holders

The Lowest Price on ID Card Holders & Badge Holders

Conferences and other gatherings often require attendees to wear some sort of identification badge to access the events. How those ID badges are presented can make a significant difference in how attendees display the badges. The type and quality of ID Holders also communicate the level of importance the event holder places on their use. Prior to placing an order for badge holders, it's a good idea to discuss the various options available with a provider to ensure the best choices are made.

Good ID Holders Can make a huge difference at your event

Event security is critical, and we have the perfect range of ID holders to suit your conference, forum or fundraiser.

What Features are Important?

Attendees at more casual events may be more likely to properly display their IDs if they have choices, so consider having a couple of types of holders available and give attendees a choice. If the event is a one-time occurrence and the ID will only be used for a day or two, it's perfectly acceptable to consider designs not intended for long-term use. Badge holders intended to last for some time will, on the other hand, need to be more durable.

Users required to scan their ID may be more comfortable using a retractable badge reel rather than having to remove their ID for scanning. Where holders have to be readily visible, lanyards or even armbands may be more appropriate. The use defines the type of holder needed, so discussing the options with a specialist may help to avoid making ordering mistakes.

Other Considerations to Think About

As a rule, bulk orders provide organizations with better pricing. Even when ID holders may not be a major budget item, there is no reason to waste money. However, it's important to ensure the best options are selected when placing any order. Security passes, for example, may use magnetic strips or other digital signatures, which means the holder can't block the strip or digital device. Size is also important, especially in situations where an ID must frequently be removed from the holder.

When different users have unique needs, consider providing options to make their lives easier. Cleaning staff members, for example, have different needs than professional staff members, suggesting it's always a good idea to identify how different users' needs vary. Exposure to chemicals during the day can also impact how ID holders are selected.

Times are Changing

Because the ways IDs are created and used continue to change, it's a good idea to think ahead. When ordering ID holders of any type, consider what, if any, changes are likely to occur in the near future. While selecting holders for a two-day conference may be rather simple, choosing options for an organization in transition is another matter entirely. If, for example, a new security system is in the works, determine if the options being considered will function properly with any new equipment installed. Even minor changes can make it difficult for users to adapt older holders to meet the new security demands.

Whether for a short conference or for long-term use, selecting the best ID holders is important for obtaining the best results. Users who are comfortable with their IDs and holders are more likely to properly display and use them. Taking a few minutes to determine which selection would best fit the organization's needs is time well spent.