Things to Know about the standard lanyard

People often get confused while choosing lanyards. There are various lanyards available in the market among which the 15mm wide polyester with a j-swivel attachment is very popular in Canada. There is no need to worry if you want something new or unique. There are other varieties of lanyard available in the market which can be made according to your requirement. Let’s discuss about some of them here.

  1.  The first thing you can customize is the width of the lanyard. Most of the standard lanyards are made between the widths of 12mm to 20mm. The width of the lanyard does not affect its price. The wider ones are preferred most because you can easily put the name of a company or some other design on it.
  2.  They are made of various materials like bootlace, polyester and woven. There are many other types of materials used for making them which is also very eco-friendly like bamboo and corn fibers.
  3.  One of the most popular lanyards among the corporate world is the designed lanyard with the company’s logo. But there are many who also plain lanyards. Nowadays because of the vast use of technologies, you can get this lanyard in various printings like one color print, multi-color print or digital quality full color print. But one of the important things to remember while adding color to the printed lanyard is that it also increases the price.
  4.  The lanyards are also available in various customized colors. Different brand names can also be added as per the company’s requirement.
  5.  Various attachments are used for various purposes. If the attachment is going to hold an id card or id wallet then alligator clip will be your best choice. If you want the premium quality attachment then ask for the executive swivel.

We hope the above statements helped you to clear most of your queries regarding lanyard. For more assistance you can also check the company’s website.