Promote your next event BIG with these 10 Guerilla marketing tactics!

Guerilla Marketing is a lower cost way out that helps making bold statements and makes you memorable without being worried about investing big on social media.

Promoting an event is very important but if you already have spent all your money and striving for an effective way out to promote without cash – this is the right way! Successful marketing is the hardest part for any event planning and that is when guerilla marketing comes into the picture. If you are running out of cash or a little amount of it which is not sufficient for the promotion, this doesn’t mean that you cannot obtain the spotlight for your event, all you need is to be a little creative.

With traditional marketing, you need to make experiments to keep it fresh on the contrary, guerilla is a great way to break the comfort zones of making successful promotions. Here we are going to explore a few very effective ways that can fetch you the desired exposure with minimal cash.

Effective guerilla marketing ways


1) Social Media

Without any surprise, social media is the most obvious pick to start the discussion. Having viral contents can provide massive exposure to the events and you have so many options to hit the nail on the head. You can also think of creating images, gifs, videos that your viewers can relate to. Otherwise, you can get a hashtag trend too which relates to your event and get people respond to that.

You need to assure the fact that you are using all the available channels and you’ve better understanding about your audience. There are social media like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for successful promotion of your event. The best thing about social media promotion is that it is absolutely in your control and flexible for your budget. You know who would get interested in your project because they are already following you.

2) Bloggers and Journalists

Blogs are very effective for gathering attention of the viewers and that for you need to hire professional bloggers and provide them with a good story about the event and they will come up with engaging blogs for that. It could be about the celebrity, guests or the event that you are organizing. You can offer them press pass if they are interested attending the event. You need to do a little research before you hire the blogger. Journalists with the same niche will appeal to the targeted audience.

3) Website Re-branding

It’s a great approach to inform the visitors about an upcoming event. You can think of changing the colors, themes and design of your website for a limited period of time to create the vibe about a particular event. You can think of creating a landing page that would directly take the visitors to the event details and FAQs. You can also use pop-ups for commonly used and most visited pages. The main thing that you need to keep in mind that stick to the brand but make it stand out so that visitors can realize there is something!

4) Flash Mobs

A sudden dance on the floor of the shopping mall or anywhere else will snatch the attention of the onlookers and people, present there. This can spread the message very quickly and effectively if that is organized appropriately. You can even add your staff or you can invite people to join the act with printed lanyards for identity and make sure that you have recorded it so that you can post it on the social media later on.

You need to select the busy areas where the crowd of people is more – the major train stations, shopping malls are some of the best places you can be. You can create a buzz by performing. The important fact is that the flash mob needs to look interesting and the event has to be fun and well-choreographed.

5) Outdoor Floor Murals or Temporary Graffiti

Painting has great power of convey if that is used at the right place. You can hire some professional painters with chalk and paint and they will create some great art that will make everyone talking about your event. You can opt for some optical illusions or you can make some bold marketing statements. In any way, if you can make people talk about that, you will certainly gain the interest for your event. You also have to keep in mind that it is spotted at a well crowded area.

6) Temporary Staff Tattoos

Tattoos can speak louder and bigger than anything else! If your staffs, wearing individual name badges, are willing to represent themselves as the brand value of your event, no matter how temporary, this shows a great effort to promote the event. It also sends a message to the onlookers that the people really believe in this. And the families and attendees will have more faith in you. Moreover, chances are there that you will find followers so, you have to keep the extra tattoos ready to distribute.

7) Activity Vending Machines

You have to come out with brilliant ideas for your event so that you become memorable to the people. You can combine the promotion with giving away freebies and this is certainly a winning combination. Once Coca Cola created a free vending machine that accepted hugs as the payment for a free can of the drink. This actually creates a better promotion of an event and keeps the social media talking about that. A machine that is branded and giving away free passes will create great promotion.

8) Unique Ad Ideas

You can mix the traditional art of advertising with some unconventional ways that would get the attention of the audience. This can be done on a larger scale. Once Nivea did something like this – with their ad on a magazine was actually a solar panel mobile charger for the readers. It made people talk about the brand all over the city.

9) Gamification

Gamification is a great marketing strategy that can turn the promotion of your event more fun and engaging to the potential attendees. You can create some real world treasure hunting game that will reveal clues about the event. This is an effective way to engage people and create buzz about the event amongst those who are playing. They will share the clues on the social media and will encourage others to play as well.

10) Online News Letter

This is a budget friendly as well as traditional way that can engage attendees and followers to send out an online newsletter. You need to remember that it will not be very effective if that is done badly but it is very useful and require minimal budget and work. In order to create successful newsletter you need to crate and add value to it. You need to keep them up to date with the latest news of the event and don’t forget to offer exclusive discounts, insider info and first-look videos or guest interviews.


Now you have 10 very engaging budget-friendly marketing tricks that can boost viewers and promote the event successfully to the targeted demographic. The ultimate goal is to be creative and bold and original at the same time to get your event and brand out there. If you can think out of the box, you will get noticed and this doesn’t necessarily mean to spend big budget.